Thingstodoinsingapore; Lush Mother's Twenty-Four Hr Catamenia Collection 2017

My goodness, Mother's Day is only creeping up. I can't believe nosotros are inward May together with past times adjacent month, nosotros volition travel inward mid year. Where did this twelvemonth go!!!?!?

I swear Mother's Day gifts becomes harder together with harder each year, trying to toss upwardly the diverseness spell Dad's tardily to delight amongst a lottery ticket.

Lush is a neglect proof present. This year, Lush brings out roughly other impressive arrive at of Mother's Day gift ideas!

PINK CUSTARD SHOWER JELLY $7.95 for 100g together with $12.95 for 240g

This is no school-dinner reject, swish together with swipe its tantalising tonka together with lavander jiggliness over your trunk together with brand showering every bit fun every bit it was when yous were a child.

This is my minute shower jelly together with it is beyond fun. Pink custard is only genius. Even though this is suppose to travel for mum, but the beau already took this from the stash. Talk virtually demand!


This bathroom bomb volition seat a grin on your mum's face, amongst Sicilian lemon together with sugariness orangish oils. Rose softens the odour to practice a light, fresh together with floral experience. Also available inward Pink.

Fizzy bathroom bomb is an all fourth dimension favourite, I peculiarly love the fact that the give-and-take MUM (<3 bath="" bomb.="" is="" on="" p="" stamped="" the="">


The newest buffer on the block amongst all that hydrating beloved together with cocoa butter, Scrubee may seem similar a existent softy but don't underestimate his polishing power! He is packed amount of dry reason kokosnoot shells together with dry reason almonds to plough over yous a gentle, effective exfoliation.

Scrubee is only also cute!


Grounding rosewood entangles abrupt grapefruit together with heady neroli for a unique blend of zen.

This bubble bar volition definitely brighten mum's day, from colouring to odour together with the bubbles, it's only a bonus. It's perfect for a weekend pampering session.

SUNRISE SOAP $9.95 per 100g together with $69.50 per kg

This is a brilliant together with zesty soap, layer of toning tangerine together with mandarin. I personally love Lush's soap, is it me or is it filled amongst oils cos it's together with then hydrating together with non similar other soaps. I've already used a quarter of this lather together with it's peachy for waking yous upwardly inward the morning!


Create a scrumptious tower of bubbles every bit lemony yellowish gallops across your bath! Marvellous lemon together with lime oils refresh your inner sparkle, every bit grapefruit fossil oil lifts yous to lofty novel heights.

Giraffe is ane of my favourite animal, this is only also cute, it took me a spell to figure out what it was without looking through the pamphlet.


Sorry mum, I am keeping this for myself! This is upwardly at that spot amongst the chocolate orangish together with popcorn lip scrub. I am a love of beloved (especially beloved madeleine cakes) together with this reminds me of cake. It's adept plenty to consume ;)
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