Things to do in : Pinnacle X Things To Create Inwards Osaka

Osaka Prefecture tin endure considered every bit i of the principal entry points of Nippon thank y'all to the strategically located Kansai International Airport (KIX). As a result, the prefecture became of of the most visited prefectures inwards the country.

For those who are planning to take in Osaka Prefecture, hither is something that mightiness aid y'all brand your remain a memorable one,  the Top 10 Things to Do inwards Osaka.
1. Go on a nutrient trip.

2. Check out the famous Glico Man in addition to store for souvenirs inwards Dotonbori.

3. Visit Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

4. Spend a twenty-four lx minutes menstruum inwards Universal Studios Japan.

5. Visit temples.

6. Experience the Illumination event at Expo lxx Commemoration Park.

7. Dine at Japan's 2nd highest edifice -Kansai Star Gate Hotel.

8. Visit Osaka Castle.

9. Stroll to a greater extent than or less Okuyama Ameyama Natural Park.

10. Ride a ropeway upward Osaka's highest mount -Mt. Kongo.

How virtually you? What are your Top 10 Things to Do inwards Osaka?


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