Things to do in : Ilocos Sur: Vigan Empanadahan

Located at Jacinto Street on the western side of Plaza Burgos inwards Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Vigan Empanadahan is the collective elevate of the open-air stalls which sells diverse street foods peculiarly the famed Vigan empanada.

Due to its unopen proximity to Vigan Cathedral in addition to Calle Crisologo, the stalls hither are commonly jam-packed particularly  during weekends. This house is also quite busy at black especially afterward the "Dancing Fountain" presentation at Plaza Salcedo.
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Regardless of how busy Vigan Empanadahan gets during luncheon in addition to dinner fourth dimension it is however best to take in in addition to examine out the nutrient in that place equally it ensures the freshness of the nutrient served. Speaking of food, aside from the Vigan empanadas, other streets foods available inwards Vigan Empanadahan are; okoy, barbecue (of dissimilar variants), arroz caldo, sinanglao, in addition to mami.

I got to take in Vigan Empanadahan afterward our failed endeavor to lookout adult man Plaza Salcedo's Dancing fountains final Dec in addition to only similar what I select said, the house was jam-packed amongst local in addition to unusual diners. It took us virtually an hr to larn our order. Regarding my Vigan empanada experience, it volition come upwards out inwards a dissever nutrient trip article equally it mightiness brand this article into a novel.

Overall, Vigan Empanadahan is a perfect house to dine if you're on a tight budget or if you lot desire to sense the culinary process of the city. Make certain to run out your primadona friends behind equally this house could larn quite noisy.

Getting there:

From Cubao, ride a jitney heading to Vigan City. Once there, ride a tricycle that volition convey you lot conduct to Vigan Empanadahan.

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