Things to do in : Japan Diaries 2: Twenty-Four Hr Menstruum 1

Day 1 (May 17, 2018)

Good morn folks!

This is it! It's officially our starting fourth dimension total solar daytime inward Japan. My Japanese godfather - Mr. Toshi told me that it is all the same leap this month. Sadly though, the sakura blossom flavour was already over when nosotros arrived.  Regardless, it is non entirely the sakura tree that blossoms during spring. That's why I made certain that my starting fourth dimension agenda on my starting fourth dimension solar daytime inward Nippon is to stroll around the neighborhood in addition to accept pictures of the flowers that bloom there. 
Strolling around the neighborhood

Here are some of the bloom photographs that I took around the neighborhood:

When I got dorsum home, nosotros were told that we'd endure going out. Because nosotros knew how our Japanese household unit of measurement are, nosotros were already prepared the 2nd nosotros woke up. It entirely took us a few minutes to finalize what nosotros ask to select in addition to truthful enough, it entirely took several minutes earlier nosotros heard Mr. Toshi's famed "Let's go!". 
Cup Noodles Museum

Our starting fourth dimension destination today was the Cup Noodles Museum inward Ikeda City inward Osaka Prefecture. However, earlier nosotros headed there, nosotros drove starting fourth dimension to Suita City to run across Mr. Toshi's missy Akiko, who also joined us on our trip. The Cup Noodles Museum was entirely a brusk distance drive from Ms. Akiko's residence. We were lucky that during our arrival, at that topographic point were entirely a handful of people inward the museum. This made our trip enjoyable equally the identify was non equally good large (despite looking similar it from the outside). 
Instant Ramen Tunnel

Designing our ain cup
Here's my loving cup design

We learned nigh the history of the world's starting fourth dimension Instant Noodle from the numerous interactive displays. The highlight of our watch was the "design your ain loving cup activity", for simply 300 yen nosotros got to blueprint our ain loving cup noodle container in addition to exercise our unique mix of loving cup noodle flavor. It was actually a perfect souvenir (and repast probably).
Inside Aeon Mall inward Itami 

Lunch time

It was lunchtime when nosotros finished our activity. Surprisingly, nobody wanted to swallow noodles for luncheon therefore nosotros headed to the nearby AEON Mall inward Itami City inward Hyogo Prefecture in addition to ate inward 1 of the restaurants there.
Osaka Castle
Look who got tired walking
Ref magnets!!!

Look who's enjoying this

Our solar daytime didn't halt at that topographic point though, nosotros in addition to therefore drove off to Osaka Castle. Although the castle was already unopen when nosotros arrived, its commons area, nutrient stalls, in addition to souvenir shops were all the same open.  We bought some snacks in addition to souvenirs inward Miraiza Osaka-jo which is located inward front end of the castle tower. We stayed at that topographic point a fleck in addition to enjoyed each other's company.
A kid friendly interactive concealment inward Expo City mall

Before, going home, nosotros drove to Expo City mall inward Suita City for our dinner. Afterwards, nosotros drove Ms. Akiko to her home. (On the side note: Today was the starting fourth dimension in addition to in conclusion fourth dimension that we'd acquire to consider Ms. Akiko in addition to her children equally they were really busy amongst run in addition to school.)

Overall, I intend it is prophylactic to state that it was a fun solar daytime for everyone. This solar daytime really brought inward a lot of memories equally I got to consider Osaka Castle in 1 lawsuit again later iv years. The loving cup designing was also worth the time. I'm excited for what tomorrow would bring. 

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