Things to do in : Produce Down Timer's Conduct To Collecting Goshuin

Japan has e'er been the best province when it comes to souvenirs. Each urban heart together with mortal prides itself alongside their ain production which is perfectly suited for the dissimilar tastes of tourists. As a move blogger whose involvement is generally civilisation together with history, I'm naturally inclined to purchase souvenirs that reminds me of the rich history together with civilisation of the places that I possess got visited. Oftentimes, I am left alongside no other selection simply to purchase refrigerator magnets, fundamental chains and pins. However, during my concluding catch to Japan, I discovered together with got a unique souvenir that I mean value you'd every bit good dearest to accept habitation (and select dorsum to Nihon adjacent fourth dimension yous visit). This souvenir would for sure remind yous of Japan's cultural, religious, together with historic side... this souvenir is none other than a goshuin collection.

A goshuin is described every bit a temple or shrine postage stamp / seal that is written yesteryear a temple priest called a kannushi in a exceptional notebook called goshuincho which translates to "Honorable Red Stamp Book". (The goshuincho is already a beautiful souvenir in itself). The goshuincho tin hold out bought inwards most temples or shrines. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 common goshuincho costs to a greater extent than or less 1,000 - 1300 yen spell a "special" 1 (goshuincho that possess got designs showing the unique features of the shrine / temple) costs to a greater extent than or less 1,500 - 2,000 yen. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 goshuincho has to a greater extent than or less 20-40 pages. Aside from that, buy the farm on inwards heed that inwards social club for 1 to have a goshuin, he / she must give a "donation". The donation vary depending on the popularity of the shrine or temple. It is unremarkably 300 yen simply may plough over upwards to 500 yen.
You tin purchase a goshuincho within temples or temple souvenir shops

Here's my goshuincho from Daigoji

There are many legends on how the do of collecting goshuin started. It was 1 time done exclusively yesteryear pilgrims who would desire to make Nirvana. Today, it has been quite famous to immature people inwards Nihon together with some unusual tourists who know virtually it. Although, it has forthwith buy the farm unopen to existence a fad, collecting goshuin is withal considered a religious do together with sure manners should withal hold out observed yesteryear those who's planning to collect it. Here are the basics of these:

You tin larn your goshuin inwards designated areas inwards the temple vicinity

1. Use exclusively the goshuincho for your goshuin collection. The kannushi volition never write a goshuin inwards an ordinary notebook regardless of whatsoever reasons. 

2. Don't push clit or add together anything on a page alongside a goshuin. Keep inwards heed that the goshuincho together with goshuin are considered sacred yesteryear the Japanese. 

3. Never brand your ain or impress out together with glue a goshuin to your goshuincho because yous possess got missed the peril to possess got 1 during your catch to the temple or shrine. Only a kannushi has the potency to write a goshuin. 

4. Not all temples together with shrines do goshuin. Temples that belong to the Jodo Shinshu (School of Pure Land) similar Higashi Honganji together with Nishi Honganji does non do goshuin. *

Here's what you'd come across inwards a goshuin
It was my Japanese godfather who introduced me to collecting goshuin during our catch to Daigoji (Temple) in Kyoto City during our 2018 Japan. It was every bit good inwards that temple that I got my starting fourth dimension goshuincho and goshuin. It was rattling timely every bit Daigoji was the rattling starting fourth dimension temple that we've visited during our 22-day adventure inwards Japan. 

I managed to larn a release of goshuin from dissimilar temples together with shrines to a greater extent than or less Japan. Just to share, hither are my collected goshuin every bit of 2018:
Daigoji - Kyoto City
Daikodo - Kyoto City
Toji - Kyoto City
Kinkakuji - Kyoto Temple

Ryoanji - Kyoto City

Kawai Shrine - Kyoto City

Shimogamo Shrine - Kyoto City
Ginkakuji - Kyoto City
Sakurayama Hachimangu Shrine - Takayama City

Kinpouzan Shoubouji - Gifu City
Shipporyuji - Izumisano City

Overall, I create promise this article piqued your involvement virtually collecting goshuin. If it did, buy the farm forth together with start collecting!


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