Things to do in : Ilocos Sur - Ilocos Norte Route Trip 2017

After seven long years, my married adult woman in addition to I finally got a lead chances to revisit Ilocos Sur in addition to Ilocos Norte in conclusion Dec 2017. What makes this trip especial for me is that for this route trip, nosotros already get got a immature adult woman along amongst us. Aside from that, this route trip is also my rootage amongst my wife's family. It was security to state that it was a especial yearender trip for me.

Here's how our Ilocos Sur-Ilocos Norte Road Trip 2017 turned out:

December 25 (Day 1)

Our adventure started inwards the solid of my brother-in-law inwards Cavite. Our ii auto convoy left at some 7AM. The trip was quite fast cheers to the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway or TPLEX. By 12 NN nosotros were already having tiffin at Casantaan Bulaluhan at Kambingan inwards the town of Sto. Tomas inwards La Union.
Let's endeavor this out.

Yummy bulalo

After tiffin nosotros drove direct to Ilocos Sur in addition to reached the Ilocos Sur Arch a few hours later. As expected, nosotros had our compulsory group photograph amongst it equally our dorsum drop. We also had another compulsory grouping photos at the next places:
Say cheese!

Sta. Maria Church at Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur
Quirino Bridge AKA Banaoang Bridge at Santa, Ilocos Sur
Heritage Resort of Caoayan

We reached Vigan CIty inwards the afternoon but instead of touring this historic place, nosotros drove direct to Heritage Resort of Caoayan inwards the town of the same lift to cheque inwards our reserved rooms. We spent a few hours freshening upwardly in addition to resting earlier nosotros headed dorsum to Vigan City to lookout adult man the Dancing Fountain of Plaza Salcedo. nosotros arrived quite early on thence nosotros decided to get got our dinner already. Some of us wanted to endeavor out an authentic Vigan Empanada, thence some went to trouble upwardly at Vigan Empanadahan but the younger ones preferred the commons fast nutrient thence they went to the nearby Greenwich. Both places had rattling long queue, thence piece they were waiting inwards line, I went to Calle Crisologo to accept a quick aspect at how it was during black time. 
Let's lookout adult man how they brand empanadas
Calle Crisologo at night
Vigan Cathedral at night

We managed to consume nearly an hr afterwards which agency nosotros get got already missed out the Dancing Fountain presentation. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 chip disappointed, nosotros explored the vicinity of Vigan Cathedral instead earlier heading dorsum to the resort in addition to calling it a day.

December 26 (Day 2)

We cheque out at some 9AM, after letting the kids swim a chip at the resort's pool  in addition to after nosotros had our breakfast. We proceeded to exercise our planned activities inwards the next places inwards Vigan City:
Swimming fourth dimension for the kids

Brave Ella during the animate beingness exhibit at Baluarte
Lunch fourth dimension at Hidden Garden
Ilocos Norte Arch

Juan in addition to Antonio satelite Ancestral House

Finally home!

At some noon, nosotros proceeded to my mother-in-law's ancestral solid inwards Badoc, Ilocos Norte. However, nosotros had some side trips along the way similar the Ilocos Norte Arch in addition to the Juan in addition to Antonio satelite Ancestral House inwards Badoc, Ilocos Norte. It was already afternoon when nosotros reached the Villarazo solid inwards Badoc. We spent the remaining daylight to build clean the solid in addition to unload our stuff. When darkness fell, the millennials of the grouping (including me) had the unique sense of bathing provincial mode at an opened upwardly surface area at the dorsum of the house. When I said provincial style, nosotros had to accept turns operating the quondam manus H2O catch of the solid to instruct water. We in addition to thence ate the delicious Ilokano dishes courtesy of a relative living inwards the neighborhood. Before nosotros called it a night, I decided to give a piddling scare to the millennials past times telling them some creepy stories but it seems similar it backfired on me equally I had a difficult fourth dimension sleeping due to the fact that my imagination went overboard in addition to scared me instead.

December 27 (Day 3)

For our tertiary day, nosotros originally planned to instruct to Pagudpud which is the northernmost town of Ilocos Norte but due to some changes inwards conception nosotros ended upwardly visiting other places northward of Badoc instead. Each place, gave us some memorable experiences which became the topics of our conversations during the homecoming trip habitation the side past times side day. These are the next places that nosotros visited on our 3rd day:

Bangui Wind Farm
Check out the souvenirs

Bangui Wind Farm inwards Bangui, Ilocos Norte: During our visit, the air current was thence potent that it was similar having a sand newspaper facial scrub. There's aught much to exercise hither though thence nosotros only bought some souvenirs in addition to took some photos earlier heading to our side past times side destination.
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte: It was also windy when nosotros reached the Kapurpurawan Rock Formations. There were also a lot of visitors during our visit. This did non halt us from exploring the identify though. We managed to get got some photoshoot at dissimilar areas of this identify perfect for posting inwards our Instagram accounts.
Paoay Sand Dunes

Paoay Sand Dunes inwards Paoay, ilocos Norte: Probably the identify that nosotros enjoyed the most. The 4x4 ride in addition to sand sledding sense hither were actually amazing. 

We ended our 3rd twenty-four hours dorsum at the Villarazo home. We started to pack upwardly our materials inwards grooming for our trip dorsum habitation the side past times side day. Overall, it was a rattling tiring withal fruitful day.

December 28 (Day 4)

Every trip has its end. We had to caput dorsum habitation today. Before nosotros left, nosotros were given past times the relative of my married adult woman a box total of of late harvested in addition to cleaned onions. They gave our thence much that we'd get got a provide of onions until March. We spent 12 hours within the van either sleeping or munching on snacks. We finally arrived dorsum habitation at some 10PM.

Overall, 1 would never neglect to bask a route trip when he/ she is amongst the family. I'm looking forrard to to a greater extent than of this form of route trips inwards the future. I promise someday it would endure inwards Mindanao.


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