Things to do in : Osaka: Loving Cup Noodles Museum

Located at 8-25 Masumi-cho, Ikeda City inwards Osaka Prefecture, Cup Noodles Museum is a really educational in addition to interactive museum perfect for all those noodle lovers our there. Also called Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, this is genuinely 1 of the 2 Cup Noodles Museums inwards Japan. The other 1 is located inwards Yokohama City inwards Kanagawa Prefecture. 

Built inwards 1999, the Cup Noodles Museum was built inwards the metropolis dubbed equally the birthplace of instant noodles. It was inwards a lilliputian shed at the backyard of Momofuku Ando's solid inwards Ikeda City that the offset instant noodles was created on August 25, 1958. It took Momofuku Ando an entire twelvemonth of enquiry in addition to lawsuit in addition to errors to practise what is right away 1 of the most pop nutrient inwards the world. 
Formerly The Instant Ramen Museum
Museum hours: 9:30AM -4:00PM
The museum is costless admission

Contact number: 072-752-3484

Welcome to the loving cup noodle museum
Let's cheque out the Momofuku Ando in addition to the Story of Instant Noodles

Check out the Magical tables
Visit the Cup Noodles Drama Theater
Learn close Hiyoko-chan
Momofuku Ando's bust
Some of his personal materials displayed at Traces of Momofuku Ando

I would dearest to speak to a greater extent than close the life of the Father of Instant Noodles in addition to the history of the loving cup noodles but I mean value visiting the museum is a much amend agency of learning close this. The museum has detailed historical information consummate amongst interactive visuals that would sure as shooting brand you lot a "cup noodle historian" inwards only a day. 
The recreation of Momofuku Ando's shed
The tools that helped select the instant ramen to life

You would also come across a recreation of the lilliputian shed consummate amongst the tools in addition to ingredients used yesteryear Momofuku Ando when he created the offset instant noodles. After checking out the shed, walk a few meter to divulge the Momofuku Ando in addition to the Story of the Instant Noodles department of the museum. You'd come across rare objects in addition to photos from the menstruum of Momofuku Ando's life. You would sure as shooting savor the interactive walls of this department inwards the museum.

Design your ain cup... My CUPNOODLES Factory

Now later on learning close the history of the loving cup noodles, the adjacent perfect thing to practise is blueprint your ain loving cup noodle packaging in addition to practise your personal loving cup noodle season at the My Cupnoodle Factory which is also within the museum. In social club for you lot to practise this, you lot cause got to pay 300 yen per cup. I highly advise that you lot endeavour this 1 out. 
The Instant Ramen Tunnel

Gotta dearest the displays

Another purpose of the museum is the Chicken Ramen Factory at the minute flooring of the museum. Here, you lot tin sack sense offset paw how to brand your ain noodles. H5N1 500 yen participation fee is charged for the experience. Aside from the memories, participants volition have a Hiyoko-chan (Chicken Ramen mascot) souvenir bandana. Please cause got banker's bill that if you lot belong to a grouping of xx people or more, reservation is required. 
Check out the souvenir shop

Ella got her ain Hiyoko-chan

Lastly, earlier leaving, don't forget to purchase some souvenir in the souvenir shop. 
This house volition hold upward fossilized inwards your heed forever

I got to take in the Cup Noodle Museum during the offset solar daytime of my 22-day 2018 Nippon trip. I totally enjoyed learning close the history of 1 of my favorite foods. My household unit of measurement also enjoyed creating our ain loving cup noodle packaging. Overall, this house is highly recommended for all those noodle lovers our there.

Getting there:

The Cup Noodle Museum tin sack hold upward reached yesteryear train. Ride the Hankyu Takarazuka Line in addition to board downwards at Ikeda Station. It is approximately a xx min. ride from Hankyu Umeda Station via limited train.
The museum is to a greater extent than or less a five min. walk from the Masumi-cho Homen Exit.

Overall rating


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