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It has been around one-half a decade since nosotros lastly visited Japan. This year, nosotros are blessed to live given roughly other adventure to revisit this beautiful province together with rest at that spot for 22 days. Join me together with my describe of piece of employment solid unit of measurement every bit nosotros recount the daily accounts of our trips together with adventures to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Day 0 (May 16, 2018):

Finally! Our long awaited twenty-four hours has come. Our 4 years of planning together with saving upward finally bore fruit. It is in all probability rubber to state that nosotros missed the culture, food, together with most of all our Japanese family. 
Time to banking enterprise check inward these bags
Ready for boarding!

We left Manila aboard Cebu Pacific flying 5J808 outflow for Kansai International Airport (KIX) at around 2PM Philippine time. Since our flying was delayed for around an hr nosotros arrived inward KIX at around 7:30PM Nihon time. For those who does non known, Nihon fourth dimension is ane hr ahead of Philippine time.
Afternoon heaven over Japan

We were picked upward at the airdrome past times our Japanese godfather together with he right away drove us to his residence inward Tsubasagaoka, Sennan-gun inward Osaka Prefecture.
Welcome to Kansai!

There, nosotros were warmly welcomed past times our Japanese family. We likewise met the Labis family, who were likewise roughly other Filipino family, likewise visiting them at that time. After unpacking our materials together with earlier calling it a night, nosotros had a "little" catching upward chat (and getting to know chat for our novel constitute Filipino friends) spell trying out roughly Japanese beverages together with the laksoy (traditional nipa vino from Butuan City) brought past times our newfound Filipino friends. 
Glad to live back

The "little" chat eventually became an "inuman" or drinking session every bit our godfather brought out to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than Japanese snacks to jibe the skillful gustatory modality of the laksoy. We had such a corking fourth dimension together with every bit expected it was means later on past times midnight when nosotros decided to telephone telephone it a night. 

What a means to goal Day 0 of our 22-day rest inward Japan. 

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