Things to do in : Ilocos Norte: Paoay Sand Dunes

Located inwards the town of Paoay inwards Ilocos Norte, Paoay Sand Dunes is genuinely exercise of the broad Ilocos Sand Dunes which encompasses several towns of the province.

I receive got in i trial visited La Paz Sand Dunes inwards Laoag City a few years dorsum amongst my thence girlfriend-now-wife. All nosotros did thence was to accept photos as well as pretend to endure models only for fun. It was thence the most pop exercise of the Ilocos Sand Dunes. However, only recently, the i located inwards the town of Paoay started to gain popularity too. This was because of the thrilling Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure.
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Located inwards the town of Paoay inwards Ilocos Norte thingstodoinsingapore: Ilocos Norte: Paoay Sand Dunes

The Paoay Sand Dunes lead chances is the generic term used past times bloggers as well as tourists to refer to the exhilarating 4x4 ride as well as the exciting sand boarding activity. To experience this sort of adventure, visitors may rent a 4x4 jeep inwards Barangay Masintoc for P2500. Each 4x4 jeep tin accommodate a 4-5 riders excluding the driver. The adventre may accept an hr or to a greater extent than depending on your activities as well as the expose of guests inwards the area. The P2500 also includes the sand boarding activeness for each fellow member of your group.
Photo shoot halt over
Ready for the ocean of sand?

Going dorsum to the 4x4 ride, you lot may asking the driver to produce the "extreme ride". Meaning he would drive faster inwards crude oil terrain to the hollo for that you'd mean value the vehicle would overturn. You would for sure relish going upwards as well as downwards the xx -30 human foot sand ridges peculiarly the exercise they telephone telephone "roller coaster" inwards this type of ride. If you lot receive got a tiddler or a senior citizen amongst you, you lot may asking the driver to produce the "mild ride", he volition overstep away slowly amongst that accelerator as well as drive less through the bumpy terrain but that doesn't hateful that he volition skip the sand hills as well as the "roller coaster". Don't worry though the drivers are all professionals as well as receive got mastered the terrain. Here's a fighting of a tip when trying out the 4x4 ride... relish as well as don't forget to allow out that scream (it would overstep away a viscid fart if you lot don't!).  
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For those who dear to document their trips, at that spot are several stops where drivers would allow you lot to produce that much anticipated photograph shoot. You tin also accept photos during the ride every bit good but since the terrain is crude oil it is going to endure a challenge inwards composing the perfect shots. I tried it amongst my DSLR as well as every bit expected, one-half of my shots are blurred or out of focus.

The sand boarding expanse every bit seen from i of the sand slopes

Now, regarding the sand boarding activity, you lot may select to endeavour it out our skip it but since it is included inwards the fee, it is a waste matter to miss out the opportunity. Sand boarding is pretty basic, you lot either sit down on the sandboard as well as process it similar a sled or stand upwards on it similar a surfer thence slide downwards the xx -30 human foot sandy slope. Don't worry close falling downwards every bit at that spot are thousands that did earlier you lot as well as the sand won't interruption your bones trust me (grin). If you lot experience that i endeavour is non enough, you lot tin ever overstep away for a instant one.  I successfully slid downwards the gradient sitting downwards every bit I had my 4-year quondam adventurous fille amongst me as well as for me that was i of the most memorable things I did during this trip.

Located inwards the town of Paoay inwards Ilocos Norte thingstodoinsingapore: Ilocos Norte: Paoay Sand Dunes
You would also relish it if you lot are amongst your family.
Overall, Paoay Sand Dunes is a dandy identify to view amongst your adventurous barkada (leave the killjoys as well as primadonnas at dwelling please). Your adventures at that spot volition for sure endure the primary topic of your stories until you lot larn dorsum home. 

Getting there:

From Manila, ride a motorcoach saltation to Laoag City. Travel fourth dimension is ordinarily 11-12 hours. You may select to ride a bird to Laoag International Airport from NAIA as well as it volition alone endure an hr go fourth dimension but of course it volition endure a fighting pricey. Once you lot range Laoag City, ride a tricycle as well as state the driver to convey you lot to Barangay Masintoc or only cite Paoay Sand Dunes, they volition for sure know the way.

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