Things to do in : Zambales: Anawangin Cove

Located several kilometers away from the town proper of Pundaquit, San Antonio inward the province of Zambales, Anawangin Cove is ane  (if non the most) of the tourist destinations of the province.

Anawangin Cove is known for its out-of-this-country similar feels. Visitors of this cove would certainly hold upwards awed alongside the odd thought of the wood of pino trees serving equally dorsum driblet to the fine secluded beach instead of the typical coconut. The cove also has a river that adds drama to its already picturesque pino forest. The best component of it all is that this cove has piddling man-made structures.
I encounter it!
Gotta dearest the view
The identify has numerous huts to rent if you lot don't desire to larn burnt past times the sun

Well... that was my impression when I commencement visited Anawangin Cove agency dorsum inward 2007. Sadly, or thence things produce alter negatively... Typhoon Emong too Pepeng inward 2009 devastated a huge component of Zambales including Anawangin Cove. From there, the cove deteriorated piddling past times little. More huts were constructed, thence came the ground that separates the beach from the pino tree forest, too in conclusion the shanty stores.  
You may pick out to explore the dissimilar areas of Anawangin Cove
You may also pitch your ain tent

Pitch your tent hither too
Rent a cottage anyone?

Enjoy camping ground too beingness surrounded past times pino trees
Gotta dearest the thought from the military camp site. 

I managed to supply a decade later, too what I saw saddened me. The ane time free-to-roam cove was reduced to a fenced community of pay-as-you operate inward establishments consummate alongside shanty nutrient stores too hut too floater rentals. Going to the river too the pino tree wood  area (regardless if its dry) would toll you lot P50 too camping ground inward the cove grounds would toll you lot P100. I guide goose egg against giving locals a guide chances to earn from tourism merely looking at it, this was non planned good past times whomever planned it. Anawangin Cove was stripped of its natural beauty too was reduced to a coin making plot of land. 

Bring or thence of these souvenirs home.
Check out the customized souvenirs

Race alongside your friends going dorsum to the resort
The drinking glass wearing days

Overall, I would non hold upwards surprised if ane twenty-four hours a convenience shop (or a resort) would all of a abrupt hold upwards constructed inward the cove. With that sarcastic remark, I produce promise the local tourism component would brand a footstep to trim back if non take the man-made establishments inward Anawangin Cove too supply it to its pristine form. Then I advise that this identify hold upwards declared a protected expanse to save it. 

Getting there:
From Manila, ride a Victory Liner omnibus to Iba, Zambales. Tell the conductor to driblet you lot off at San Antonio. From there, transfer to a tricycle too tell the driver to convey you lot to your chosen resort inward Pundaquit. From the resort, rent a banca to convey you lot to Anawangin Cove.

Small banca - P1500/pax maximum of 4

Big banca - P300/pax minimum of 10

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