Things to do in : Nutrient Trip: Kyoto's Edo-Style Starbucks

Months prior to our catch inwards Japan, my married adult woman tagged me to a trending post service on Facebook near this unique Starbucks shop inwards Kyoto City. This Starbucks shop was dubbed every bit the "Edo-Style Starbucks." 

The post service piqued my involvement every bit I was crafting our Kyoto City itinerary during that time. I made certain to include it to the said itinerary too every bit a affair of fact, I placed it to our offset twenty-four lx minutes catamenia plans. Before I write near what happened next, let's offset uncovering the practiced to know information near this Starbucks store.
You'd sure immature lady it if y'all don't know where it is...
I had to enquire roughly to uncovering it. 

Yup, I'm on the correct place!

The Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya, meliorate known every bit the tatami -styled Starbucks is located at Kyoto-shi Higashiyama-ku Kodaiji Minami-dori Shimogawara Higashi Ino Masuya-cho 349, Masayacho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 605-0826, Nippon (Whew). It opened on June 30, 2017 afterwards ten years of thorough planning too restoration. The shop was incorporated to a 2-storey 100-year quondam traditional Japanese townhouse constitute inwards the historic Ninenzaka street.  When it opened, it took the accolade of beingness the offset tatami-style Starbucks inwards the world. 
The tsukubai inwards i of the gardens...
The Zen garden at the backside of Starbucks

Now, going dorsum to our plan... I'm proud to percentage alongside y'all that it actually came into fruition. We visited Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya inwards the afternoon of our offset twenty-four lx minutes catamenia inwards Kyoto City. We were a flake lucky every bit at that spot were available seats for five inwards the shop despite the legion of tourists inwards the area. 
The interior remained faithful to its theme
Let's depository fiscal establishment fit out the 2d floor

Upon entering the store, i would notice that the "modern cafe" is beautifully integrated to the traditional styled interior. The offset flooring has the bar counter too an expanse to accommodate a few customers. There are also  3 courtyards, each alongside gardens and tsukubai(s) or launder bin like ornamentation that is unremarkably constitute inwards a tea garden. 
Coffee Edo-style!
Enjoyed it alongside our Japanese family

The 2d flooring contains 3 rooms alongside tatami mats too zabuton cushions. Just similar a traditional Japanese house, customers involve to take their footwear when entering these rooms. We got to gulp our java inwards i of the rooms hither together alongside ii other groups of customers. Surprisingly, y'all won't hither the vibrations from the busy street exterior when within the room. However, what almost ruined our experience were the noisy roommates that were occupying the tabular array behind us. Thankfully, they left too a "quieter" grouping took their place. 
Till adjacent time!
A trip to Starbucks won't live on consummate without buying a Kyoto City Tumbler for my growing collection...

Overall, our catch to Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya was a memorable one. After our visit, I nonetheless had that feeling of disbelief that I convey visited a house that I convey seen from a trending post service inwards Facebook months ago. It was genuinely worth it!

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