Thingstodoinsingapore; Event: Antipodes Lipstick Launch Ft My Pale Peel Weblog @ The Butler, Potts Point

I of late attended a beautiful number at The Butler, where Antipodes launched three beautiful novel lipstick shades with the stunning Em Ford. The number started off with an introduction to the novel lipsticks amongst a delicious breakfast. We were introduced to Antipodes newest launches, iii beautiful shades of Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks

Newest Shades:

Forest Berry Red  - A wild together with warm based truthful red, with all the succulence of the forest's brilliant berries on which New Zealand songbirds feasts.

South Pacific Coral - For savvy street mode or bare beach beauty!

Oriental Pay Plum - An exotic hue that tin plough over the sack hold upwards worn from twenty-four hours to night.


  • Over a lifetime, women may ingest every bit many every bit 3kgs of lipstick into the body, either beingness absorbed through the pare or swallowed when eating or drinking. Antipodes lipsticks are formulated with an abundance of natural edible ingredients
  • Including pure found fossil oil ingredients, extracted from avocado pear, calendula flower, eventide primrose seed together with argan nut.
  • The lipsticks likewise incorporate beeswax, hydrating shea butter, jojoba fossil oil together with vitamin E.
  • The entire hit is certified vegetarian past times U.K. Vegetarian Society

We sat through a fantastic session with Em Ford from My Pale Skin Blog, if yous haven't seen her video, yous remove to encounter it correct now! I recall seeing her video for the start fourth dimension approximately fourth dimension dorsum together with I experience that inwards a way, it's relatable to each together with every i of us regardless of sex or our mental attitude towards makeup. H5N1 really powerful video!

Em talked us through her worklife every bit a film-maker, how she started her beauty concern human relationship to the twenty-four hours her video went viral. Em discussed her positive experience with Antipodes together with continuous support. All this whilst nibbling on a yummy breakfast!

Photo Courtesy of Platinummcpr
Pssst in that place volition hold upwards to a greater extent than novel releases coming from Antipodes this twelvemonth together with hence remain tuned! In closing, is a photograph of myself with the beautiful Em Ford! Ahhh photography these days are together with hence expert yous tin plough over the sack encounter my petty nutrient infant which I can't hold upwards bothered to edit, I actually similar this photograph together with hence I've decided to travel out it every bit it is, because in that place is e'er a day/week where nosotros over indulge a little, zip a petty chip of do together with salubrious eating can't laid upwards ;)
Lily non Louise attended this number every bit a invitee of Antipodes.


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