Things to do in : Start Out Timer's Bespeak To Japan Visa Application

In the past times few years, Nihon has considerably relaxed its visa policies for Filipinos. This is a motility of the Japanese authorities to attract to a greater extent than unusual visitors to boost its tourism sector. 

If you're i of those who would beloved to view Japan, hither are tips too procedures that volition help y'all alongside your Japan Visa Application.

1. Know what visa to employ for...

Japan issues several types of visas for dissimilar purposes of visits. Here are or thence of the visas that are most commonly applied for past times Filipinos. 

  • Transit visa (AKA Tourist visa) - the basic visa for those who are interested inwards traveling too exploring Japan.
  • Temporary visitor's visa - the visa for those who desire to view friends, relatives, or menage unit of measurement members (guarantors) living too working inwards Japan.
  • Student visa -the visa for those unusual students who are enrolled too volition endure studying inwards Japan.
  • Work visa -the visa for those who are hired to run inwards Japan. There are dissimilar types of run visas issued for specific fields. You tin give notice read almost it here.
  • You tin give notice read almost the other kinds of visas here.
Keep inwards heed that these visas give y'all an allotted fourth dimension of remain inwards Japan. This ranges from a few days to a few years. First fourth dimension visitors are commonly given a i fourth dimension entry visa. If y'all get got a skillful fiscal tape or y'all get got visited Nihon on several occasions too thence y'all tin give notice employ for a multiple entry visa which has a validity of five years.
2. Know your requirements...

In this part, I volition solely focus on the requirements of the tourist visa since it is the most commonly visa i applies for.

  • PH passport: Your passport should get got at to the lowest degree 2 blank pages left too should non expire inwards the adjacent vi months. Damaged too tampered passports volition non endure accepted.
  • Visa Application Form - Download the shape here.
  • PSA- certified nativity certificate: If your nativity certificate is non clear, a nativity certificate from the local civil registrar is required. If at that spot is no registration of alive nativity inwards PSA, a Certificate of Non-Record too a nativity certificate from the local civil registrar should endure presented instead.
  • PSA- issued union contract - For married travelers only.
  • A 4.5cm x 4.5cm ID photo - Your photograph should get got a white background. If y'all are unsure of the photograph y'all took, ameliorate get got i taken past times a photograph studio. Most of them are aware of the photograph requirements for the Nihon Visa application.
  • Tour itinerary/ daily schedule - Plan your trip good too thence brand a daily schedule/ tour itinerary. You tin give notice download a template here. You tin give notice also get got your tour way laid i for you.
  • Income revenue enhancement furnish (ITR Form 2316)- You should get got the master copy too a photocopy of it. If y'all don't get got an ITR due to any reason, brand certain to write a missive of the alphabet addressed to the Japanese Embassy explaining why.
  • Bank Balance Certificate -You should acquaint a depository fiscal establishment residuum certificate issued inside the past times iii months. There should endure plenty coin at that spot to encompass your planned remain inwards Japan. There is no definite minimum sum equally I get got friends who were given a seven twenty-four hr menstruation unmarried entry Visa alongside solely 30,000 pesos inwards their depository fiscal establishment account.
3. Know your accredited move agency...

The skillful affair almost Nihon visa application is that at that spot is no require for personal appearances. All applications are coursed through accredited move agencies. You tin give notice depository fiscal establishment tally out the i nearest y'all here.

Agency fees ranges from P800 to P2000. You tin give notice contact the agencies inwards the listing to enquire almost this.

Upon submitting the requirements too paying the way fee, human face for their telephone telephone or text. You volition know if your application is approved or denied inwards a few days.

Getting your starting fourth dimension Nihon Visa is equally uncomplicated equally that. So what are y'all waiting for? Apply for that VISA too run into Japan!


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