Thursday, July 19, 2018

Gong Cha Alisan Tea

I got a really overnice process subsequently tiffin today. One of my colleagues wanted to possess got about potable from Gong Cha, thus nosotros went in that place subsequently having our lunch. This fourth dimension I tried the Gong Cha Alisan Tea, which is a delicious choice, I must say. It's Alisan tea mixed amongst H2O ice as well as frothy milk on top. I noticed there's equally good a dash of Alisan tea pulverization on pinnacle of the heavenly milk. Which, past times the way, tasted great! I liked the gustation as well as texture, add together to that the perfect, chewy pearls.

Unfortunately, I was unable to accept a motion painting of the potable because I consumed it all earlier I fifty-fifty idea of having a picture. One of my colleague equally good told me that he ever lodge Gong Cha Alisan Tea everytime he buys on Gong Cha. So it's that good!

If you lot concur amongst me, thus press Enter. If not, press as well as handgrip Alt thus F4. ^_^

Kidding aside, permit me know your thoughts well-nigh the Gong Cha Alisan tea inward the comment board. Don't forget to position your mention earlier pressing Post inward the comment thus I don't possess got to telephone holler upward you lot Anonymous1 or Anonymous2, mmkay?

What Would One Create If One Win...

... the kickoff prize of Invite Mr Wright contest?

Of course, I volition celebrate! I volition jump 3 times too vociferation "I win!". I spider web log nearly it for, say.. ane week. I volition tell all my friends that I'm going to London! Yeahhhbaaahh! And I volition drinkable Gong Cha Alisan tea every bit a celebratory drink, hehehe. I volition too spider web log nearly the happenings earlier too afterward the trip to London, where I volition too come across Mr. Ian Wright, all of the details yous tin dismiss too read here. You'll drool all over because I won too yous didn't, muhahahaha!

Plus this, don't forget:

If yous win the kickoff prize, what would yous do? I'm opened upwards for donations(I convey camcorder or bird tickets). ^_^

Image from

Invite Mr Wright Winners

Update: 24 March 2011

Please cheque my latest post for the appointment of proclamation of winners.

For those who are wondering, Invite Mr Wright contest -- also known every mo Shoot it Wright contest -- winners volition endure announced this coming March 24, 2011. My large thank you lot goes to Duellii for giving us the link of Ian's official fan page where he works life the "big reveal" date. I also took the screenshot for you lot my friends.

Here it is:

I can't await to run across who wins the trip to London together with the Powershot camera. I promise I larn the Powershot. ^_^

Duellii's master copy comments tin endure works life here. Thanks again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Spaced Out

Blank. No ideas. I accept zip to post. Nada. Zero. Sabbatum nighttime is game night.

Sunday Nighttime Is Junior Masterchef

Here inward Singapore, Junior Masterchef Commonwealth of Australia is beingness shown inward Star World Channel every Dominicus black at 8pm. The latest episode was a Pressure Test for the blueish squad who lost on the final challenge, in addition to later that a squad challenge for the half dozen kids. Two of them were excused for the challenge because they're sick. I wonder how much pressure level these kids are feeling correct now. So if convey zip to produce on Dominicus nights, scout this present in addition to you lot volition live on inspired to cook. I know i guy who similar a shot endeavor to cook.

Earthquakes Hither Together With There

I tin never explicate what I felt during the fourth dimension they showed the videos of the destructive seismic sea wave that striking Nippon concluding March 11. I was speechless, as well as terrified. If y'all convey watched the videos, as well as then you'll likely experience the same way.

And today, I was in i trial again enveloped amongst the same fear, hearing the intelligence that at that spot was an earthquake nigh my hometown. I truly read virtually it inward the news, but no i from my solid unit of measurement informed me virtually it. So I contacted them, bespeak how they were doing. Good matter the earthquake was non as potent as Japan's, but as nerve-racking. I of a abrupt remembered the near-tsunami experience that nosotros went through on the 1994 earthquake.

I tin however vividly recall what happened that night. I was already on bed early on because at that spot was a schoolhouse the side past times side day. The dogs of a abrupt barking wildly, but non the same bark when person was at the gate of the house. You tin distinguish the uneasiness inward the dogs' voice, much similar calling for help. Then of a abrupt the basis started swaying. I rapidly sat up, waiting for the tremor to complete earlier standing up. I was really afraid. The dogs never stopped barking. After a few minutes, a loud, roaring audio started to play inward our ears. I distinctly retrieve the audio of pocket-size rocks existence pulled into the bounding main past times the retreating waves. At showtime nosotros thought, why at that spot was a truck driving at a fourth dimension similar this? I too idea at that spot volition hold upwards a develop which volition choke by(although at that spot were no develop tracks). We never idea that a seismic sea wave was only seconds away from announcing itself inward our shoreline. We fifty-fifty looked exterior the window as well as hold back if a vehicle would choke by, but none did.

We alone knew the side past times side twenty-four hours that a seismic sea wave almost striking our homes. I was walking to school, I retrieve seeing people at the shore picking unopen to fish that were washed ashore. The big rocks that are unremarkably dark-green is directly whitish, most of them turned upside downwards past times the forcefulness of the retreating waves. Some of my classmates are fifty-fifty absent from school, spent the twenty-four hours picking upwards bounding main creatures.

We alone knew the side past times side twenty-four hours that the roaring audio nosotros heard concluding nighttime was the sea, retreating as well as getting itself ready for a big wall of watery destruction. But nosotros give thank y'all the Good Lord, for a miracle has happened that night. We were saved from a disaster, the waters convey retreated back, but it never came dorsum rushing violently.

What Create Y'all Know... My 100Th!

Surprise! Surprise! Do you lot know that this is my real kickoff 100th post? Yehey! I desire to celebrate this of import milestone of my blogging career, only I don't know how. Maybe inwards the side past times side few days I volition know, mayhap on March 24. They volition denote that I won inwards the Shoot It Wright contest! Hahaha! ^_^ What a prissy mode to celebrate, right?