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Located inwards Laiya, San Juan inwards the tell of Batangas, Blue Coral Beach Resort is ane of the move on resorts inwards Laiya.

Blue Coral Beach Resort was established a few years agone as well as has been a become to resort for society outings as well as trouble solid unit of measurement or barkada bonding. The resort has enough of Instagram ready areas similar its puddle expanse as well as beach.  Speaking of the beach the sand on it is somewhat creamy (some say white) regardless, the administration makes certain that their beachfront is regularly cleaned of whatsoever homo made or natural trash. The H2O is sometimes clear simply in that location are times that it gets murky. 
Welcome to Blue Coral Beach Resort

You may desire to involve as well as mass your room here...

Since nosotros are talking close the beach, in that location are several H2O sports facilities available for the guests such as:
  • Banana boat ( six pax per twenty min.) - P1,500
  • Jet ski (per 1 hour/ ii seater) - P4,500
  • Flying fish (3 pax per 1 hour) - P5,000
  • Bandwagon (15 min.) - P2,000

Dragon boat race anyone?

For those guests who are on a real tight budget, the resort likewise has amenities that are FREE of accuse similar the following:
  • billiards
  • table tennis
  • darts
A write upward close Blue Coral Beach Resort won't live consummate without mentioning the room rates. Below is the 2017 -2018 toll list* of the resort. Keep inwards hear that the lean flavor is from July - September as well as the peak flavor is from March - June. Also, depository fiscal establishment fit inwards fourth dimension for OVERNIGHT STAY is from 3PM  to 1PM the adjacent 24-hour interval spell DAY TOUR is from 8AM - 5PM. 

* Might modify without prior notice. 

Lean Season Day Tour
Peak Season Day Tour
20 - 30
Family de luxe
8 - 12
6 - 12
7 - 9
8 - 10
10 - 20
De luxe room
4 - 6

* Weekday rates are discounted
Family de Luxe room

Aside from the given room rates, guests volition likewise live charged amongst a P1,600/ pax MANDATORY overnight repast bundle fee. Kids 6-10 years sometime gets a 50% discount for this repast package. 
The beach front
Here's how the resort looks similar from the beach
The verandas exterior each room

Hungry? Here's where yous tin eat.

Blue Coral Beach Resort likewise offers a Day Tour package for those amongst real busy schedules. It costs P1,200 pax inclusive of Lunch (buffet) as well as a PM snack. Additional P100 is charged during peak season.

Ready to larn tan?

kids would sure enough dearest this tree house
The infinity pool
Perfect house to sip that beer 

Here are other things to recall when staying / checking inwards at Blue Coral Beach Resort:
Check out the parking space

  • Bringing of nutrient as well as drinks within the resort is prohibited
  • Each invitee is required to pay P20 pax equally ecological fee
  • There is a parking fee for buses P500; mini buses P300; as well as coasters P200
  • Extra matress costs P150
Contact Numbers:
☎ 09176769146
☏ 09982452122

I got to see this resort during my parent's anniversary. The resort is quite far, fifty-fifty from San Juan town proper simply the views are totally worth it. Overall, inwards my opinion, Blue Coral Beach Resort is ane of the best places to got to if yous excogitation to escape the hustle as well as bustle of metropolis life. It is also, real Instagram friendly. HOWEVER, it mightiness non live a perfect house for those on budget trips equally in that location are a lot of fees to pay. Lastly, for those planning to become on Day Tours, live mindful of the schedules of the shipping organization inwards Laiya. There is no straight van or autobus hither going to Manila from Laiya. You convey to become to Lipa City or Candelaria to grab one. Last van to Lipa City from San Juan town proper is at 7PM.

Getting there:

From Manila, ride a autobus going to Lipa City. From there, ride a van or jeepney to San Juan town proper. Once yous attain the poblacion, hold back for jeepneys heading to Laiya. Blue Coral Beach Resort is ane of the farthest.

Overall ratings


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