Things to do in : A Missive Of The Alphabet To 2017

Thank you lot for the 365 days that we've shared together. It was actually a memorable one. However, simply then you lot know, you've left me alongside mixed emotions equally at that topographic point were enough of happiness brought past times achievements of my weblog but at that topographic point were too deep grief brought past times the passing of several loved ones.

Let's await dorsum at those achievements in addition to run across what milestones we've crossed in addition to achieved this year.

1.This year, at that topographic point were 84 published articles. That's fourteen to a greater extent than than that of 2016.

2. I convey reached my root 1 1000000 views.

3. Several articles in addition to photographs were published inward several magazines.

4. For the root fourth dimension inward my life, I was interviewed inward a radio plan regarding move tips.

5. I got to move to two novel countries in addition to several novel destinations inward the Philippines this year.

Speaking of travels, hither are the highlights of my travels for each calendar month final year:

Taal, Batangas Heritage Tour
Ella's Birthday at Shercon Resort in addition to Ecology Park
Manila: Map Your World Week

Company outing at Pundaquit, Zambales
Batangas - Quezon Holy Week Visita Iglesia 
Singapore household unit of measurement trip

Malaysia household unit of measurement trip

Company outing Palm Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas


Ella's solar daytime at Museo Pambata in addition to Star City
Tagaytay Food trip

Patungan Beach, Maragondon Cavite
Sulyap Gallery Cafe
Ilocos Sur route trip alongside the Villarazo family
Ilocos Norte alongside the Villarazo family

Sadly, this twelvemonth was non all move in addition to fun equally nosotros convey lost 3 members of our family.

Dear 2017, since you lot volition last left behind in addition to I volition deed forwards to a novel chapter of my life, kindly top along my heartfelt message to my loved ones whose physical being volition too last left behind alongside you. Kindly state them that they are loved in addition to their memories volition forever last alongside us. Thank you lot then much 2017.

This article is dedicated to you lot in addition to to those that nosotros lost. We honey you lot in addition to nosotros volition immature lady you.
Norberto Pardines

Augusto Arriola

Violeta Villamena

Sincerely yours,
Neil Alvin Nicerio
The Backpack Adventures


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