Things to do in : Palawan: Baker's Hill

Located inwards Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City inwards the say of Palawan, Baker's Hill is ane of the tourist attractions of the city.

Literally industrial plant life on last past times of a hill, Baker's Hill got its mention from the bakers industrial plant life on the said hill. What on the world are they doing in that location you lot mightiness ask? Well basically, Baker's Hill is pegged every bit a subject commons showcasing the skills of these bakers together with of course of written report their creations. However, if you'd inquire me, the alone house you'd run into them together with their works of fine art are the bakery industrial plant life at the front end business office of Baker's Hill together with likely the pizza parlor within the vicinity.
You won't immature adult woman this place.

Thanks Bruh!

Ohhhh yeah!
This house is opened upward everyday 7AM - 8 PM

That daughter on the left is pop alongside the men

This house is perfect for household unit of measurement visits

He's the ane guy who makes loving cup cakes

Try bringing your GF hither on Valentines Day.
You tin purchase to a greater extent than or less pasalubong here...

or here...

Try out these unique pasalubong 

Best pasalubong ever!!!

Probably dismaying to to a greater extent than or less who are looking for caged bakers... this goal even hence ranked 4 stars inwards This high rating generally came from breadstuff lovers together with from people who loved the ambiance of the place. Aside from bakers together with bread, visitors would await to run into a beautiful large modern house, enough of statues of several Disney characters (and a bakery statue of course), a serene garden slash mini aviary, together with several restaurants.

Hey man, you lot aspect familiar. Have I seen you lot before?
Nice bloom ornamentation arrangement
Till adjacent time!

The expert matter virtually Baker's Hill (aside from bakers together with bread) is that non-bread lovers would even hence relish visiting it due to the non-bread dishes together with snacks sold inwards its restaurants together with bakery. You could too simply together with swallow the infamous tamilok inwards its restaurant.
Someone enjoyed her trip

I got to take in Baker's Hill with my household unit of measurement on the final twenty-four hr catamenia of 4-day Palawan tour. It was too our final terminate for the said tour. Overall, it is a squeamish house to purchase edible pasalubong. I especially dear the "red dilis" snack or any you lot telephone phone them. I would definitely travail to take in the house ane time again someday together with travail out its ambiance during the night. 

Getting there:

Baker's Hill is commonly business office of the Puerto Princesa City Tour simply if you lot innovation to commute to this house from Puerto Princesa City,  together with then caput to Rizal Street together with ride the Irawan leap jeepneys. Tell the driver that you're heading to Baker's Hill. He volition drib you lot off at the intersection going there. From there, you lot tin ride the tricycle going to Baker's Hill.

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