Things to do in : Ilocos Norte: Kapurpurawan Stone Formation

Located inwards the coast of the town of Burgos inwards Ilocos Norte, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is a picturesque stone formation that has cash inwards one's chips a overstep tourist finish of the province.

The refer Kapurpurawan is from the Ilokano give-and-take "puraw" which agency white. This evidently came from the coloration of the limestone that were exposed to Bangui bay's rigid waves in addition to winds. 
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is instantly off limits to visitors

Located inwards the coast of the town of Burgos inwards Ilocos Norte thingstodoinsingapore: Ilocos Norte: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
Statue of Lam-ang opening the oral fissure of the crocodile
Here's an alternate expanse where you lot tin conduct maintain photos. 

Below are some of the photos taken here:

I virtually had a conduct chances to see it lastly 2011 when it was only starting to gain popularity but missed it due to fourth dimension constraints. It was only lastly 2017 that I finally got to come across it alongside my ain eyes. However, different hence where visitors tin cash inwards one's chips upward the stone formations, it is instantly already sealed off every bit at that topographic point were signs of damages in addition to degradation brought past times the multitudes of visitors climbing in addition to fifty-fifty vandalizing this beautiful stone formation.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation every bit seen from the viewing deck

Lam-ang statue every bit seen from the viewing deck

Regardless, visitors tin nevertheless persuasion this amazing natural masterpiece from the viewing deck several meters away. There is likewise some other expanse several meters away from the stone formation where visitors tin conduct maintain photos of themselves alongside the white limestone background. 
Try out the Equus caballus dorsum ride 
Can you lot come across the stone formation from the bound off point?
Keep these inwards need heed dearest visitor...

Aside from viewing Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, visitors tin likewise endeavour out the Equus caballus dorsum ride which gives visitors a different sort of adventure. It likewise gives these visitors access to several areas that are non accessible past times foot. Speaking of visitors, the best fourth dimension to see Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is early on inwards the morning time where at that topographic point are fewer visitors in addition to it is non yet that hot.

Overall, a see to Ilocos Norte won't live consummate without visiting Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

Getting there:

From Cubao, ride a jitney going to Laoag City. From there, transfer to some other jitney or van heading to Pagudpod. Tell the conductor to driblet you lot off at the access route going to Kapurpurawan. From at that topographic point it is only about a 3 kilometer walk away. If you're non a fan of walking, you lot may pick out to caput to Burgos town proper starting fourth dimension in addition to from there, rent a tricycle that volition convey you lot to Kapurpurawan in addition to back. 

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