Things to do in : Cavite: Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Located inwards Tagaytay City inwards the province of Cavite, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is a pop tourist spot inwards Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Picnic Grove is known for its numerous picnic huts as well as tables. It is likewise 1 of the places inwards Tagaytay where you lot could crusade horseback riding, Zipline, as well as cable car rides. An eco-trail is likewise located inwards Tagaytay Picnic Grove. What makes this house a favorite finish for many is its prime number location. It is 1 of the best places inwards the urban heart as well as individual to persuasion Taal Lake as well as Taal Volcano. Aside from that, the mutual coldness conditions likewise draws tourists who desire to escape the estrus as well as pollution of Manila.

Taal Volcano every bit seen from the Picnic Grove

Great house to continue a picnic

If you're looking for souvenirs, in that location are enough of stores inwards Tagaytay Picnic Grove that sells Tagaytay City trade similar shirts, keychains, ref magnets, as well as many more. You could likewise purchase nutrient as well as drinks from the many nutrient stalls inwards the vicinity. You as well as your children would likewise in all probability relish posing as well as having your motion-picture exhibit taken amongst the ponies inwards the commons (for a fee of course).
Expect to walk a lot here.

During my recent take in to Tagaytay Picnic Grove, I noticed that in that location are several changes inwards the commons (well, the terminal fourth dimension I visited it was one-half a decade ago). The Zipline ride seems to direct hold conk the highlight of the commons (it was horseback riding before.)
There are roughly spots that are genuinely quite picturesque
There are enough of visit
One of the highlights of the take in hither is the twain crossing.

However, in that location are enough of things that seems to last remnants of the past, that inwards someway negatively affects Tagaytay Picnic Grove. These are the picnic huts, grill areas, cemented pathways, as well as fifty-fifty the hanging bridge. I direct hold goose egg against keeping things that assistance people reminisce of quondam times merely at to the lowest degree fix, improve, as well as maintain them. I direct hold seen several of the huts inwards lamentable deplored state. The grilling areas as well as the grill itself are used yesteryear roughly every bit trash bins acre the pathways are slippery if non broken. The hanging twain on the other mitt had vandals that engagement dorsum to the fourth dimension of Lapu-Lapu. These things defeat the role of giving families a memorable picnic moment.
While hither purchase roughly souvenirs

Enjoy your pony ride
Try out the zipline
Sad to run across a dilapidated gazebo all the same beingness rented out

Overall, Tagaytay Picnic Grove is all the same 1 of the places 1 should take in when inwards Tagaytay. Despite the several dilapidated as well as vandalized structures inwards it, in that location is all the same promise that someday the administration would consider giving Tagaytay Picnic Grove its good deserved facelift. 

Entrance: P50 pax

Car/Van : P35
Jeepney: P50
Bus: P100

Cottage Rentals: P100 -P500

Zipline Rates:
1-Way: P200
2-Way: P300

1-Way: P300
2-Way: P400

*subject to alter without prior notice

Getting There:

There are buses as well as vans jump direct to Tagaytay City from Manila. Another house to uncovering Tagaytay jump buses are inwards the Coastal Mall terminal. The rotunda of the urban heart as well as individual would serve every bit the entry hollo for to Tagaytay City. Jeepneys would last your primary means of shipping inwards Tagaytay. Each ride costs P15.


Overall rating


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