Thingstodoinsingapore; Deciem Hylamide Photography Foundation Review

  • Nano fractions of silica-based prisms create low-cal confusion to trim the looks of visible lines in addition to pores directly without looking similar traditional makeup, piece creating a perfect backdrop to highlight facial features.
  • Ultra-advanced super-fine hue correctors blackout unwanted tones inward existent life piece creating the expect of angular shadows.
  • Adds discreet golden glow instantly for a visibly radiant, healthy-looking skin
  • Super light, crude oil gratis biotechnology complex to render hydration
  • Can endure applied over or mixed amongst foundation or used lone for a natural look


  • I was quite confused every bit to the role of this production when I showtime saw it, a white foundation!? Once I started using the production I realised this is an incredibly versatile product.
  • When used alone (I recommend to endeavor this on a skilful pare day) it hides imperfections in addition to gives yous a beautiful salubrious glow (a golden sheen) in addition to it does coloring correct, soundless it volition non conceal larger blemishes.
  • As a primer, I establish it to operate quite well, I did discovery some foundation sliding off my olfactory organ afterward a long day, soundless it does non clog pores. I did discovery my pores to minimise some what due to the reflective particles, soundless it was non completely diminished in addition to soundless visible.
  • If yous are looking for a glowy base, mix it amongst your foundation. Some people are using this every bit a highlighter, I tin run into how it tin operate precisely I don't intend it'll operate on my pare tone, precisely I intend it would deed every bit an amazing highlighter on darker pare tones.
  • The production itself is non oily in addition to receive to a greater extent than of a matte in addition to smoothen texture that is easily to blend.
  • I bring read a lot of mixed reviews, I intend it may endure because the production is thence versatile in addition to yous bespeak to endeavor all the methods to create upward one's hear which best suits your skin.
Can yous run into the sheen particularly or thence the wrist area?

While this is non a video demo, precisely I did exercise DECIEM's Hylamide Photography Foundation inward the video below.

Disclaimer: Product provided for editorial purposes.


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