Things to do in : Visita Iglesia Batangas - Quezon

Every Holy Week, my menage unit of measurement together with I goes out of town on a pilgrimage tour to watch churches every bit business office of our Catholic culture. This is likewise known every bit Visita Iglesia. For our 2017 Visita Iglesia, nosotros headed due south to the provinces of Batangas together with Quezon. Unlike the previous years where nosotros exclusively watch Spanish-era or historical churches, nosotros decided to accept a mix of shrines together with churches inward this year's Visita Iglesia itinerary.

Here's where nosotros went on our 2017 Batangas - Quezon Visita Iglesia:

St. Pio National Shrine

Because of the distance of our solid from our target provinces, our three-car convoy left dwelling early on to avoid traffic together with headed to our offset destination which is the St. Pio National Shrine inward Sto. Tomas, Batangas. It is a quaint shrine tucked inward the inner business office of town. We spent nearly ii hours hither doing the Stations of the Cross together with exploring its dissimilar structures.
The bell tower of St. Pio National Shrine

From Sto. Tomas, Batangas nosotros drove to Lucena inward the say of Quezon. Our convoy got separated because I followed Google Maps (which I proved highly reliable) together with they followed the flock. After waiting for the ii other cars inward our convoy inward Lucena Grand Terminal, nosotros ate our baon every bit our slow tiffin inward i of the less crowded business office of the terminal.
St. Isidore Parish Church
Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary

We together with then continued to our minute church building destination, the St. Isidore Parish Church inward Agdanagan, Quezon. Although it is non a Castilian Era Church together with it does non accept a facade or architectural blueprint that stands out from alongside the others inward the province, it is yet highly visited past times pilgrims because of the Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary that stands beside it. This 120 ft tower stands every bit a religious symbol of the town together with likewise considered every bit a tourist destination past times some.

Capitaneus Resort

Since, the locomote fourth dimension together with traffic ate upward the remaining "light", nosotros decided to telephone outcry upward it a hateful solar daytime for our Visita Iglesia together with watch around relatives living nearby. We together with then spent our nighttime inward Capitaneus Resort inward Plaridel, Quezon. 
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish
A photograph chance for the women of our family

The side past times side day, nosotros continued our pilgrimage and visited our tertiary church, the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish inward Plaridel. It is a modern church building that was built nigh the railroad track. We spent an hr hither to produce several to a greater extent than of our Stations of the Cross. 
Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer

We together with then proceeded to the Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer in Gumaca.  It is likewise a modern church building where the barangay was named after.  
Gumaca Cathedral

After doing several to a greater extent than Stations of the Cross, nosotros together with then proceeded to Gumaca town proper to watch the Gumaca Cathedral which was our 5th church. Before going to the side past times side church building nosotros decided to accept tiffin at a nearby roadside local eating theater that is a famous stopover for motorists. We headed dorsum to the resort to freshen upward together with residuum a fleck inward training of our side past times side pilgrimage destination.

Atimonan Church
Religious statues are paraded through town together with finishes inward the church

Devotees trouble upward to produce the traditional halik

That night, nosotros visited Atimonan Church. We managed to brand it but inward fourth dimension when the prosisyon was going dorsum to the church. We managed to participate inward what the Atimonanins telephone outcry upward the "halik" or the religious human activeness of kissing ta symbolic rope to exhibit an human activeness together with devotion. We together with then went dorsum to the resort to telephone outcry upward it a night.
Passed through the Quezon Protected Landscape earlier reaching our lastly church

After checking out of Capitaneus Resort on the tertiary hateful solar daytime of our pilgrimage, nosotros managed to crush inward i to a greater extent than church building on our way home.  We visited the St. Anne Parish together with Diocesan Shrine in Pagbilao, Quezon every bit our 7th together with lastly church.  
St. Anne Parish together with Diocesan Shrine

This article is dedicated to my dearest aunt who passed away lastly Nov. 3, 2017

Overall, nosotros visited iv shrines, 2 Spanish-era churches, together with i parish church building inward our 2017 Batangas -Quezon Visita Iglesia. Not exclusively did nosotros consummate our pilgrimage this twelvemonth but nosotros likewise had a memorable menage unit of measurement bonding fourth dimension together. That exclusively agency that our 2018 Visita Iglesia is something that we'd sure as shooting await forwards to side past times side year.


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