Things to do in : Pasay City: Star City

Located less than v kilometers from Km 0 inward Manila, Star City is an entertainment common inward the pump of a bustling urban meat of Pasay.

The entertainment common opened to world inward 1991. It began equally a seasonal carnival which opens during the Christmas season. Throughout fourth dimension the seasonal carnival evolved as well as became a "permanent resident" of the urban meat that caters to kids as well as kids at heart. Today, Star City is opened upwards daily. Take authorities annotation of the next schedules listed below.

Mondays to Thursdays – opens at 4PM
Opens: Fridays to Sundays – opens at 2PM
Closes: Depends on set out of people nonetheless in, but ordinarily 9-10PM

Home to dozens of fun attractions as well as rides, Star City boasts its Giant Wheel Ferris Wheel. The Giant Wheel Ferris bicycle is said to live the tallest of its form inward the Philippines. It has air-conditioned gondolas as well as each gondola is capable of carrying upwards to half dozen people.

What a crowd!

If you're planning to catch as well as savour all the rides inward Star City, I highly advise that y'all avoid weekends as well as holidays. Those days are considered equally the "peak season" of the entertainment park. Believe me it gets likewise crowded within as well as y'all could alone displace out a few of its amenities. 

Rates as well as Packages*:
*Rates are per person

Children 32 inches as well as below are FREE.

Admission Fee                    Php  60.00
Entrance within Star City only. Mid-way games, money operated machines, rides, attractions,
Snow World, Pirate Adventure, 4D Theater as well as Walk on Water EXCLUDED.

3 Cheers Ticket                  Php 350.00
Three rides of your alternative (Ride restrictions apply), EXCEPT mid-way games,coin operated machines, Snow World as well as Walk on Water. Entrance fee included. (Ride restrictions apply)

Ride-All-You-Can (RAYC)    Php 400.00

Lazer Blaster                       Php 100.00
Good for 1 (one) game only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Snow World                         Php 130.00
Unlimited access. Jackets volition live provided. (Attraction restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

4D Theater Max Rider         Php 120.00
Good for 1 (one) cinema showing only.(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

Z Planet                               Php 100.00 
Good for 1 (one) Vortex, 3D photograph area, animate beingness robotics, as well as 1 (one) zipline ride (weight boundary of 150 lbs).(Ride restrictions apply) Entrance fee excluded.

For inquiries, delight telephone weep upwards 6800.3496 or 833.4483.

Some of the rides inward Star City
Tea Cup

Road Race

Giant Star Wheel

Jungle Splash


Star Dome

Kiddie Bumper Car


Happy Swing


The Time Tunnel

Gabi ng Lagim

Grand Carousel


Star Flyer

Getting there:

If you're inward Manila, I highly advise that y'all accept the taxi to convey y'all to Star City.
If y'all prefer commuting y'all could displace these next steps.

1. From Vito Cruz Station of LRT, walk towards Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street. 
2. Ride the orangish colored multicabs heading to PICC. 
3. Board downward beside CCP as well as walk toward Star City. 

Overall rating


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