Things to do in : Japan Diaries 2: Solar Daytime 2

Day 2 (May 18, 2018)

Woke upward to some other non bad morning. The weather condition was predicted to live on fine throughout the 24-hour interval thence I brought the kids to the common (actually parks) inwards the neighborhood outset affair inwards the morning. 
Go Ella!
Let's endeavor out the other playground shall we
Walking dorsum home

After an hr or thence Ella together with Zaq decided that they had plenty playground for the 24-hour interval thence nosotros walked dorsum domicile together with arrived simply inwards fourth dimension for breakfast. 
Shopping at Nitori Izumisano

There's plenty of products hither that you lot mightiness desire to buy

Since today was the terminal total 24-hour interval of Zaq together with his identify unit of measurement inwards Japan, nosotros accompanied them inwards their trips to purchase pasalubong together with souvenirs unopen to Osaka. Our outset goal for the 24-hour interval was Nitori (store) inwards Izumisano. We also bought some Japanese unique products hither for our domicile similar the Japanese Style Diatomite Bath Mat together with other household together with cookware products. 
Welcome to Rinku Premium Outlets
Check out those brands
Walking unopen to together with checking out all those luxury brands
I spy 1 of my favorite brands... Can you lot gauge what it is?

There's a squeamish sentiment of Star Gate Hotel

We thence moved to Rinku Premium Outlets also inwards Izumisano. Although I got to see this identify 4 years ago, it was solely today that I got to explore it thoroughly. There were several luxury products on sale including some G-Shock watches which was genuinely tempting but I decided non to purchase anything thence that our budget for the side past times side xx days wont live on ruined thence I contented myself past times simply window shopping.
This edifice genuinely stands tall amidst others inwards the area.

Our terminal goal for the 24-hour interval was the Cosmos Rinku (store). This store is simply across the street from the Star Gate Hotel which is the tallest edifice inwards the city. 
Sun downward inwards Kumatori (Can you lot come across the Star Gate Hotel?)

The highlight of the 24-hour interval was our dinner.  Mr. Toshi cooked what would afterward on live on my favorite Japanese dish which I dubbed the Kameyama Sukiyaki (You won't notice this anywhere). That dish genuinely made my day. Sadly, I was besides busy eating that I failed to document it... (My bad).

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