Things to do in : Summit Ten Things To Produce Inwards Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte is the northwestern most say inwards Luzon Island. Despite its distance from Manila, the say offers a lot of beautiful natural as well as man-made attractions that would for certain brand 1 come upwardly dorsum for more. 

If you're planning to view Ilocos Norte for the start out time, here's something that mightiness assistance you lot excogitation your trip:
Top ten Things to Do inwards Ilocos Norte

1. Buy souvenirs.

2. Take a selfie, wefie, or a duad shot alongside the picturesque Patapat Viaduct equally your background.

3. Visit St. William the Hermit Church as well as the sinking bell tower.

4. Check inwards at Fort Ilocandia Resort.

5. Visit Kabigan falls.

6. Take an Instagram perfect shot of Bangui Wind farm.

7. Visit as well as larn sand boarding inwards La Paz/ Paoay Sand dunes.

8. Enjoy the persuasion from Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

9. Spend a 24-hour interval at whatever resort inwards Pagudpod.

10. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Paoay Church.

How almost you? What are your operate yesteryear ten things to create inwards Ilocos Norte?


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