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Located inwards Barangay Patungan inwards Maragondon, Cavite, Patungan Beach is i of the province's lilliputian known beach destinations. It is situated within Patungang Cove which is southward of Mt. Palay Palay which is also known every bit Pico de Loro.

The surface area close Patungan Beach is domicile to almost 100 - 200 families, most of which are fishermen so the alternate cite of the barangay -Patungan Fishing Village. According to the locals that I've interviewed, their identify was in i lawsuit an isolated barangay, reachable exclusively yesteryear boat, horse, or foot. Thankfully, amongst the completion of the Nasugbu - Ternate Highway in addition to Kaybiang Tunnel, the barangay was finally connected to the  province. However, at that spot are yet no straight world shipping organization that serves the surface area coming from Manila. 
The beach from a distance

Check out these photos of Patungan Beach:

Patungan Beach is non your typical white sand beach destination. It has a fine brownish sand that turns a combat grayish when dry. The body of body of water H2O on the other paw is quite murky due to the sand particles inwards it. Sad to say, despite existence complimentary from commercialization, the beach is non totally trash free. Some plastic trash in addition to H2O lilies from Manila Bay in addition to Bataan eventually finds it means to the beach. Despite of this, the locals tirelessly clean their beach at to the lowest degree twice or thrice daily.  
The cottages inwards Patungan Beach

Guess who's enjoying the waves

A perfect identify to see on a sunny day

I got to see Patungan Beach quite yesteryear fate. My menage unit of measurement in addition to I were genuinely planning to pass a twenty-four hours inwards Katungkulan Beach during the long Association of Southeast Asian Nations "break" in conclusion Nov 13- 17, 2017. However, later on driving for 2 hours from our home, nosotros were surprised to discovery out that Katungkulan Beach was unopen due to the heightened safety warning inwards the Gen. Gregorio Lim Marine Base (you tin exclusively accomplish the beach yesteryear passing through the marine base) due to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit. However, locals said the beach was genuinely filled amongst H2O lilies in addition to is currently existence cleaned. Whatever the truthful argue was, nosotros didn't desire to ruin our planned opor-garai in addition to then I Googled for some other nearby beach goal in addition to flora Patungan Beach. Since it was exclusively almost xv -20 minutes drive from where nosotros are, I took the adventure in addition to I could tell that it was worth it.
Carabao Island every bit seen from the beach

As expected at that spot were several visitors at that spot already, most of which tried to see Katungkulan Beach in addition to also looked for an choice beach destination, thankfully the beach did non croak also crowded. We rented the cottage of Ate Sally Gaa (prices at the RATES department below) in addition to coming together her was also a approbation for us. Ate Sally was real accommodating and hospitable. She made certain that nosotros would accept a comfortable remain inwards her cottage in addition to then she kept coming dorsum to render us amongst extra pillows in addition to blankets. Because of that nosotros opted to remain overnight. She also accompanied us to purchase fresh fishes in addition to gave us several freebies similar dried fish, fossil oil for tummy pain, in addition to several medicinal plants to convey home. I fifty-fifty woke upwards at to a greater extent than or less 2 to see her patrolling to a greater extent than or less the cottage to brand certain that nosotros are safe. To total it up, our remain became memorable in addition to prophylactic because of her. 

The family

Inside the cottage
Can you lot estimate what fish this is? (It's a cousin of the bangus)

Before heading to Patungan Beach, allow me warn you lot showtime that the electricity at that spot is exclusively from 6PM - 10PM. Despite of this, you lot tin yet rent a videoke to brand your nighttime to a greater extent than lively. Lastly, don't operate out without buying fresh fish or squid early on inwards the morning. It's means cheaper hither than inwards Manila.
My immature adult woman enjoying the beach

Overall, Patungan Beach is i of the beaches inwards Cavite that I volition for sure comeback to. It genuinely is perfect for menage unit of measurement in addition to barkada outings. 

Getting there:

From Manila, the best means to accomplish Patungan Beach is yesteryear driving your ain vehicle. After driving through CAVITEX, follow the Daang Governor Road in addition to the Nasugbu - Ternate Highway. Once you lot accomplish the fork, plough left. You'd see the Kaybiang Tunnel at almost xv -20 minutes from there. Continue driving until you lot see the cove. 
Follow this path in addition to rent a boat

Look for that THANK YOU sign

Keep an optic out for the sign board on the correct side of the route that shows the means to the beach. Once you lot see it, commons your car at the side of the route in addition to speak to the local in-charge of the parking. 

From there, ride a banca going to the beach. 

Parking: P50 twenty-four hours tour / P100 overnight
Banca ride: P50 pax 
Cottage: P1000 twenty-four hours tour / P2000 overnight

Videoke P1500
Island hopping tour: P1500 = Carabao island, Mugne Island, in addition to Iba Cove

You may convey your tent only you lot accept to speak to a cottage possessor to rent his/her surface area out. Usually they accuse P500 for this depending on the owner. 
Ate Sally

If you lot desire character accommodation I highly propose the overly hospitable Ate Sally Gaa. You may contact her here: 📱09481834018

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