Things to do in : Japan Diaries 2: 24-Hour Interval 4

Day 4 (May 20, 2018)

Since our arrival inwards Japan, the atmospheric condition seems to hold upward supporting us of our plans. H5N1 calendar month ago, I was a chip hesitant to mass a identify to remain inwards Kyoto as well as to pursue our long fourth dimension excogitation to tour it, equally my wife's friends at that topographic point accept been consistently telling us that it was really rainy inwards Nihon for the past times weeks. Well it was a jeopardy alright, but listening to the atmospheric condition forecast for today inwards the radio has brought me comfort as well as assurance that today is a cracking twenty-four hours to explore Kyoto City. 
Off to Kyoto City

We were honored to hear that nosotros volition hold upward accompanied past times Mr. Toshi as well as his married adult woman Ms. Taeko. Although our check inwards fourth dimension inwards our Airbnb residence was even thus 2PM, nosotros even thus left Tsubasaogaka really early on thus that our twenty-four hours won't hold upward wasted. He asked me if at that topographic point is a detail identify that I wanted to come across inwards Kyoto City. Given this chance to bond amongst our godparents, I picked Daigoji (Temple)
First stop... Daigo-ji

Time to catch the Sanboin Area

Checking out the garden of Daigo-ji

Gotta dearest the scenic garden of the temple

Refreshment time!

I chose Daigoji (Temple) because it's surrounded past times nature as well as is 1 of the 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites inwards Kyoto. Aside from that, it is a destination that is non ordinarily visited past times tourists (something that Mr. Toshi as well as Ms. Taeko would for sure enjoy) equally it is non inwards the road of the loop buses. True enough, at that topographic point were to a greater extent than large trees than tourists as well as pilgrims inwards Daigoji when nosotros arrived. 
Posing at Nio-mon
Then there's the menage unit of measurement picture...

It was hither that Mr. Toshi introduced to me the goshuin or the deed of collecting temple stamps. I bought a goshuin-cho  (temple postage stamp book) amongst a beautiful Daigoji pagoda pattern which is worth 1700 yen. H5N1 goshuin-cho won't hold upward consummate without a temple postage stamp thus I had Daigoji's postage stamp equally my really get-go stamp. 

Our trip won't hold upward consummate without a photograph amongst out Japanese family

Daigo-ji's Goju-no-to

We strolled eastward within the vast temple vicinity of Daigoji. Fifty meters or thus afterwards passing through the Saidaimon (a really large torii gate)  nosotros in conclusion reached the nigh famous infrastructure of the temple... the 5 storey pagoda which is locally known equally the Goju-no-to.
The Daikodo

Inside the Daikodo hall

After taking plenty of pictures, nosotros continued our stroll until nosotros reached the Daikodo Hall. I wasted no fourth dimension as well as had my goshuin there equally well. We were quite hungry afterwards visiting the hall thus nosotros looked for a nearby eating theatre of nutrient stall. Luckily, at that topographic point was 1 nearby... Restaurant Juan. I idea it offers Filipino dishes due to its really Filipino mention but was surprised to discovery out that it was the "most Japanese" eating theatre that I accept always eaten inwards our 4 days inwards Japan. You tin cheque out the pictures below. 
Inside Restaurant Juan

My tiffin for today
The picturesque Bentendo
A closer await at the Bentendo

Outside the eating theatre is closed to other picturesque exercise of the temple complex which is the Bentendo. After taking photos of it as well as amongst it, nosotros walked dorsum to the parking lot which is likely a kilometer or to a greater extent than away. However, earlier nosotros reached the parking lot, nosotros had a fiddling side trip to the souvenir store to purchase closed to souvenirs as well as travail out the sakura as well as macha flavored  H2O ice cream. 
Sakura Ice cream anyone?

Mr. Toshi thus drove us to our Airbnb residence at Higashikujo Minamikarasumacho Minami-ku inwards Kyoto City thus that nosotros could cheque inwards as well as driblet our bags. The identify is wonderful. It is spacious, build clean as well as best of all it is walking distance away from a develop station as well as a convenience store. 
Our dwelling trouble solid for the week...

Our twenty-four hours did non destination at that topographic point though, afterwards resting for a bit, nosotros drove to Ninenzaka to cheque out the get-go tatami fashion Starbucks branch that was incorporated inwards a 100 year-old town house. We treated our godparents java equally a sign of gratitude for the fourth dimension as well as society that they gave us. I equally good got to purchase a Kyoto City tumbler for my collection as well as a Kyoto City Starbucks menu for my sister.
Strolled a chip inwards Ninenzaka
Finally! The get-go Tatami fashion Starbucks!
Seems similar Ella wants to a greater extent than adventures!

Mr. Toshi wanted to pick out us to to a greater extent than places afterwards our java bonding but nosotros declined due to the fact that it was already belatedly inwards the afternoon as well as our godparents would even thus drive dorsum to Tsubasaogaka. They thus brought us dorsum to our Airbnb residence as well as bid us rubber travels. 
Inside our "home"

After resting as well as freshening up, nosotros walked to Lawson to purchase nutrient for dinner as well as closed to supplies. I equally good bought two days worth of Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass for me as well as my married adult woman inwards training to our upcoming adventures. I was non able to purchase for my immature lady equally Lawson exclusively sells passes for adults.
Kyoto City Bus One-day Pass

Overall, nosotros are actually honored as well as thankful that our godparents accompanied us inwards our get-go twenty-four hours inwards Kyoto. I got to acquire a lot of tips as well as information (that would hold upward useful inwards the upcoming days of our tour). Truly their presence was a huge bonus to this really memorable day. 

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