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Located inwards the town of Concepcion inwards the say of Tarlac, Concepcion Church is ane of the Spanish-era churches of the province.

Concepcion Church is besides referred to equally the following; Immaculate Conception Parish Church, Santuario de la Immaculada Concepcion, together with Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Gotta dearest the brick finished church building facade
The bell tower
Church interior

The church building was built inwards 1880 nether the supervision of Father Guillermo Masnou. The master copy church building has a Baroque agency of architecture but was thence renovated to its acquaint Neo-Romanesque agency inwards 1893 nether the supervision of Father Fernando Vasquez.

The altar is covered altar during Holy Week 
The Holy H2O font
Church interior equally seen from the altar
The church building facade is apparently made of the park mortar, gravel, cement, wood, steel, together with concrete. However, the additional ruby-red bricks adds to a greater extent than appeal to the outside of the church. Its 2 three-tiered bell towers that ride on both sides of the facade besides adds symmetry to the church. 
The saint's room
Was a flake fatty during our Visita Iglesia

What I similar near the church building is its "grandiose" feel. I mean value this church building is ane of those churches perfect for dream weddings... Overall, Concepcion Church is a overnice house for a stopover if you're but passing yesteryear Tarlac. You could besides view Aquino's Ancestral House which is exclusively a few blocks away from the church.

Getting there:

Go to the Pasay or Cubao concluding of the Five Star Bus lines. from in that place you lot may ride a charabanc that goes straight off to Concepcion, Tarlac. Fare is approximately P160 - P180.

Overall Rating


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