Things to do in : Manila Adventure: Intramuros

Our jeopardy today takes us to 1 of Manila's historical districts where 1 tin compass the axe run into remnants of the Castilian colonial era Philippines. Join me every bit nosotros become some Intramuros to banking concern tally out what it has to offer.

The mention Intramuros came from the Latin prefix intra pregnant within together with the Castilian discussion muros amongst agency walls. Hence its other mention Walled City. It is found at the oral fissure of Pasig River together with has a real strategic importance for merchandise together with defense. The province where Intramuros is directly was 1 time business office of the tribal kingdom ruled past times rajahs (native chieftains). 

It was one-time inwards 1570 when Castilian conquistadors arrived inwards what is directly Manila later hearing that the expanse is rich inwards resources. Having superior weaponry together with state of war machine tactics, the Spaniards together with thence defeated together with drove the natives out of their land. The leader of the Spaniards, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, together with thence declared the expanse every bit the working capital alphabetic lineament of the Spanish colony on June 24, 1571. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 wall was built one-time inwards 1574 later the Chinese pirates led past times Limahong attacked together with destroyed the Castilian colony. The wall was upgraded inwards 1590 together with constructions together with fortifications were continually added until 1872. 

Throughout history Intramuros was used every bit a headquarters past times the invading countries. The British used it inwards 1762,  The Americans inwards 1901 together with the Japanese inwards 1945. It has seen likewise witnessed a lot of devastation brought past times human together with past times Mother Nature. 
Welcome to Intramuros

In 1951, Intramuros was declared a historical monument amongst Republic Act 597. In 1979, the Intramuros Administration which currently maintains together with manages Intramuros was created past times virtue of Presidential Decree 1616. Today, Intramuros is in all likelihood the best, if non the nearest, identify to see if 1 wants to run into how things were during the Castilian colonial period.

Places to See:
Fort Santiago

Memorial Cross Fort Santiago
Museo ni Rizal

Baluarte de San Diego

Former place of the Recoletos Church

Silahis Art together with Artifacts Center

San Agustin Church
San Agustin Museum

Casa Manila

Palacio del Gobernador

Manila Cathedral
Former site of the Colegio de Santa Potenciana

Plaza de Roma

Plazuela de Sta Isabel - Memorare Manila 1945

King Philip of Kingdom of Spain Statue

Aduana ruins

Galleon Trade Commemorative Marker at Plaza Mexico

Manila - Acapulco Commemorative Marker at Plaza Mexico

Queen Isabel II almost the Puerta de Isabel entrance
Starbucks Intramuros
Baluarte de San Andres

Other Places to Visit:

  • Bahay Tsinoy
  • Plaza de Armas
  • San Ignacio Church
  • Mananzan Handicrafts
  • Bagumbayan Lights together with Sounds Museum
  • National Commission for Culture together with the Arts Gallery
  • Fr. George J. Willman, SJ Museum
  1. Visiting belatedly at black or going to black alleyways. (Be real vigilant)
  2. Overspending past times listing downwardly your expenses.
  3. Accidents past times observing traffic together with institution rules.
1 Day Walking Tour Itinerary:

Just a heads up, this itinerary does non include move fourth dimension from your identify to Intramuros.

8AM - Arrival inwards Intramuros

8:30AM  until 10:30 AM - tour of Fort Santiago together with Rizal Museum

10:40AM - 11AM - brusk visit/ shopping at Mananzan Handicrafts

11AM - 12NN - tiffin at whatever nearby fastfood or restaurants

12NN - 1PM - tour Manila Cathedral amongst a quick viewing of the facades of Palacio del Gobernador together with Bureau of Treasury buildings.

1PM - 1:30PM - quick visits to Casa Manila together with Memorare Manila 1945 at Plazuela de Sta. Isabel

1:30PM -  2:30PM - tour Bahay Tsinoy 

2:30PM - 2:50PM - walk towards San Agustin Church

2:50PM - 4:30PM - tour San Agustin Church together with museum

4:30PM - 4:50PM - walk towards Baluarte de San Diego

4:50PM - 5:30PM - tour Baluarte de San Diego

5:40PM - caput home

The rates does non include the transportation rates from your trouble solid to Intramuros together with back

Fort Santiago entrance fee - P100 pax
Bahay Tsinoy entrance fee - P100 adults/pax ; P60 children/pax
San Agustin Museum entrance fee - P100 adults/pax; P80 senior citizen/pax; P40 children/pax
Baluarte de San Diego entrance fee - P75 pax
Food -P200 pax*

Total: P575 pax

*May go smaller or bigger depending on nutrient budget

Getting there:

Once inwards Manila, ride a jeepney going to the urban inwardness hall. Once there, Intramuros is simply 10 -15 minutes walk away.

Overall ratings


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