Things to do in : My Move Wishing Listing 2018

I published my kickoff birthday go wishing listing concluding 2014. In that wishing list, I listed downwards xv places inwards the Philippines that I actually would love to visit. To date, I alone managed to see half dozen of the xv places that I wrote about. This year, I'm creating a novel batch of xv novel places that I would love to see non alone inwards the Philippines only of Eastern Asia. 

Unlike my previous go wishing listing article, I'm including personal weather condition that I should run into so that I tin give the axe tell for myself that I actually "experienced" together with visited the place.

*Note: I didn't include inwards this listing the destinations that I receive got already visited together with equally good those that were featured inwards the My Birthday Travel Wish List 2014.

15. Hong Kong / Macau, PRC - These ii places are ii of the most visited places past times Filipinos due to its accessibility together with commons inexpensive airfares. Hong Kong together with Macau offers a broad diversity of amusement for its multinational visitors. I'm including these inwards my listing because I e'er experience left out when I reckon friends visiting either places for the Nth time. So I intend it's high fourth dimension for me to reckon for myself what these places has to offer. (Condition: I should see either the Ruins of St. Paul or Hong Kong Disneyland)

14. Malacca City / Penang Island, Malaysia - These ii places are the ticker of civilization together with nutrient inwards Malaysia. Malacca City is dubbed equally "The Historic State" of Malaysia piece Penang is known equally the "Silicon Valley of the East" for its industries.  Despite existence really far from each other, these ii are tied inwards my wishing listing equally both offers a adventure for a slap-up walking together with culinary tour. (Condition: I should see the Stadthuys inwards Malacca ; I should see Penang Hill inwards Penang)

13. Bangkok temples, Thailand - At present, Thailand has to a greater extent than than 40,000 temples. Its capital, Bangkok, is domicile to several of the most beautiful temples inwards the country. As a lover of historical places, Bangkok is e'er going to live on inwards my list. (Condition: I should see at to the lowest degree iii temples inwards Bangkok)

12. Taipei / Dominicus Moon Lake, Taiwan - It was such slap-up tidings for Filipinos when Taiwan announced that it is removing its Visa requirements for Filipinos. Taiwan is known for its tea products, build clean cities, together with beautiful scenery. It would live on a shame if I won't boundary into the bandwagon. I receive got e'er been fascinated amongst Taiwan afterwards a co-teacher gave me a go brochure of Dominicus Moon Lake. (Condition: I should see either Taipei 101 or Dominicus Moon Lake)

11. Bali, Indonesia - Probably the most famous tourist goal inwards Republic of Indonesia correct now, Bali never fails to amaze together with captivate me. From its numerous temples to its picturesque beaches, Bali has been a role of almost every go wishing list. (Condition: I should see at to the lowest degree iii temples or whatsoever of its beach destinations)

10. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam - This house is i of the most famous places to see inwards Vietnam. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 see to Northern Vietnam won't live on consummate without seeing this amazing wonder. (Condition: I should ride a traditonal Vietnamese boat to tour the bay)

9. Angkor Watt Ruins, Siem Reap, Cambodia - This house is the most photographed house inwards Cambodia. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 search nearly Cambodia's tourist spot won't live on consummate without this place. It is equally good listed equally a UNESCO World Heritage site. (Condition: I should receive got a selfie amongst the regal ruins equally my backdrop)

8. Bantayan Island, Cebu - I receive got been to Cebu alone i time to attend a marriage ceremony ceremony. Cebu is known for its numerous historical places, unique delicacies, together with picturesque places. One of the most beautiful of these places is Bantayan Island. Prepare to live on amazed amongst its white sand beach together with clear turquoise waters. (Condition, I should see together with receive got pictures of Bantayan Island)

7. Phuket Island, Thailand - Thailand is famous for its civilization together with of course of didactics its beautiful islands. Phuket Island is i of the most famous of these. The isle is known for its clear bluish waters together with fine sand beaches, most of which are constitute on its Western shores. (Condition:  should see at to the lowest degree i of Phuket's famous beaches)

6. Arashiyama / UNESCO World Heritage Temples, Kyoto, Japan - Kyoto was Japan's former capital. Surprisingly, despite the fast modernization of the world, Kyoto's historic together with natural wonders are still largely preserved. It is domicile to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Temples together with other famed tourist districts. One of these is the district of Arashiyama. I intend it is condom to tell that Kyoto Prefecture is paradise for history lovers. (Condition, I should see Arashiyama Bamboo Grove or iii UNESCO World Heritage Sites inwards Kyoto) ACCOMPLISHED (May 21, 2018)

5. Jeju Island, South Korea - Republic of Korea has been a dream goal for Filipinos due to the popularity of its singers, shows, together with stars. However, the strict Visa requirements of the province denies most Filipinos of that dream visit. There is i house inwards Korea that's Visa costless though, Jeju Island is known equally a vacation destination. It is equally good a top honeymoon destination. Aside from that, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Condition: I should live on able to reckon together with see Sunrise Peak together with Jeju Loveland)

4.  Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, China - If you're a fan of the Avatar movie, together with then this house would remind yous of the planet Pandora. Wulingyuan is a scenic together with historical site inwards south-central China's Hunan Province. It is known for its quartzite sandstone pillars, ravines, waterfalls, together with gorges. This house was inscribed equally a UNESCO World Heritage Site inwards 1992. (Condition: I should see the Wulingyuan National Park)

3. Shirakawa-go/ Gokayama, Japan - These places is famously known for its gassho-zukuri farmhouses. These traditional farmhouses has a unique architectural style. Many of these houses are said to live on to a greater extent than than 300 years old. The villages of Shirakawa-go together with Gokayama are both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (Condition: I should receive got my photograph taken amongst i of the gassho zukuri farmhouses inwards either Shirakawago inwards Gifu Prefecture or Gokayama inwards Fukuoka Prefecture) ACCOMPLISHED (May 31, 2018)

2. Great Wall of China, China - Some would tell that this house is overrated only hi it has e'er been my childhood dream to reckon the Great Wall personally. For those who does non know, the wall is 8851.8 kilometers long. (Condition: I should personally reckon together with stride pes on whatsoever role of the Great Wall)

1. Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan - After watching the Filipino cinema Kita Kita, Sapporo has learn my newest dream destination. My married adult woman together with I had this habit of visiting places shown inwards famous Filipino films thence nosotros volition non permit this i pass. Lastly, aught beats sipping Sapporo inwards Sapporo! (Condition: I should see at to the lowest degree 3 tourist destinations inwards Sapporo together with I should drinkable a tin give the axe of Sapporo)


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