Things to do in : V Days Inwards Palawan

For the kickoff fourth dimension inwards my life, I'm finally heading to the province of Palawan. It has been inwards my birthday wishing listing since 2014 (you tin cheque out my wishing listing HERE). With the said wishing list, comes several itineraries that I direct maintain prepared ahead when the 24-hour interval comes. However those itineraries are designed for solo or for couples, making it partially useless for this trip. I was non expecting that I'd live going to Palawan amongst 5 other people. Thankfully the said people are none other that my family; my mom, brother, sister, my married adult woman KC together with my babe daughter. The 6th fellow member of the grouping was my dad who was already inwards Palawan during that time. It was really him that arranged this household unit of measurement trip for us, perfectly timed for his birthday celebration. 

Check out the sentiment spell we're landing at the Puerto Princesa International Airport
Here's how nosotros spent our 5 Days inwards Palawan:

Day 1

From Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, nosotros boarded our afternoon flying to Puerto Princesa International Airport. My dad came amongst the service van of Sunlight Guest Hotel to option us upwards together with convey us to our hotel for the day. Since nosotros arrived belatedly inwards the afternoon, at that spot was lilliputian fourth dimension for us to explore Puerto Princesa City's tourist spots aside from that nosotros spent most of our fourth dimension unpacking too. 
Puerto Princesa International Airport

Sunlight Guest Hotel Inc.

Check out the sunset at Puerto Princesa Baywalk Park

Chow time!

That night, nosotros went for a lilliputian stroll to the nearby Puerto Princesa City Baywalk Park. We ended upwards eating dinner at ane of the nutrient stalls hither together with surprisingly they serve seafood dishes of fine quality. Something ane can't easily detect inwards Manila. Overall, our kickoff 24-hour interval was literally brusque but going out equally a consummate household unit of measurement is something worth remembering.  

Day 2

We had to wake upwards rattling early, equally my dad arranged for a van to convey us to El Nido. The trip was traffic gratuitous but the ongoing route repairs caused the commons 4 together with a one-half hr trip to larn out almost 6 hours. Although it was a disappointing experience, it was also form of a approbation equally the passengers got an extra fourth dimension to larn to know each other more. It was at that spot that I got to befriend Erick who's a Guatemalan working inwards Japan. We got to chat well-nigh a lot of things together with instantly became friends. We soundless central emails to this day. 
on the route to El Nido
In the van amongst our friend Erick

Sophia's Beach Guest House 
The sentiment from the Sophia's Beach Guest House

Upon our arrival at El Nido, nosotros directly checked inwards at Sophia's Beach Guest House. It has a fantabulous view. However, its amenities needs a lot of upgrading together with improvements. After unpacking together with changing clothe nosotros went on a walk only about the expanse to expression for a house to swallow lunch.  We tried out the nutrient at Sizzling Republic together with I direct maintain to tell it's worth the try.
Let's cheque out Sizzling Republic

After lunch, nosotros were met past times a local friend of my dad. He's fun to beak amongst together with was rattling eager to tour us only about El Nido. He told us that he'd convey us to a smashing tourist destination nearby. And to my excitement, he said that it was Nacpan Beach (a house that I highlighted inwards my unused itinerary. After the "introductory" chat, nosotros went dorsum to our house kickoff to larn our swimming clothes. 
Oh goodness why now!!!

He picked us upwards an hr after amongst his option upwards van. On our means to the beach, ane of our tires was punctured past times a sudden stone which almost caused us to cancel the plan. Thankfully, nosotros managed to supplant it amongst the spare tire at the expense of valuable time.
Nacpan Beach
Calitang Beach
The sentiment from the top of the hill

We arrived at Nacpan Beach inwards the afternoon but it was thence worth it. It has a powdery cream sand together with the H2O was pristine. There were exclusively a handful of tourists during our see together with most of them were foreigners. The locals telephone telephone the beach Palitan Beach or Twin Beach because of its unique topographic feature. There is this strip of province that separates Nacpan Beach from some other beach called Calitang Beach . Unlike Nacpan Beach, Calitang Beach is rocky together with does non direct maintain much visitors. You tin sentiment both of the beaches from an overlooking hill. 
Enjoying the nutrient at Aplaya amongst our friends

Bought some souvenirs also earlier going dorsum to our place

We spent to a greater extent than than an hr exploring this beautiful house together with and then headed dorsum to El Nido only inwards fourth dimension for lunch. We had our dinner at the Aplaya together with equally usual, nosotros had fresh seafood for dinner. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 perfect means to destination our 2d 24-hour interval inwards Palawan.

Day 3

For our third day, my dad booked us for an isle hopping tour. There were iv tours (Tour A, B, C, together with D) to direct from together with each ane has its ain unique beautiful destinations. Since nosotros can't really create upwards one's hear which tour to take, my dad decided to create a mixed tour of Tour Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 together with C instead. 
Ready for our isle hopping adventure

This particular tour costs P5,000. We visited the next places during the said mixed tour:
Small Lagoon
Big Lagoon
Talisay Beach
Lunch at Talisay Beach
Hidden Beach
Secret Beach
Helicopter Island
Seven Commandos Beach

We left Sophia's Beach Guest House at only about nine inwards the morning time together with got dorsum at only about 6PM. Overall, it was a jam packed but super memorable day. 

Day 4

It's fourth dimension to tell skilful adieu to El Nido. It was genuinely a difficult affair to create equally at that spot were a lot to a greater extent than places to see together with things to create however, nosotros direct maintain to larn out dorsum to Puerto Princesa City to laid upwards for our upcoming flying tomorrow. Thankfully, instead of heading directly to Sunlight Guest Hotel inwards Puerto Princesa City, nosotros went on a side to to Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). We arrived at Sabang Port an hr earlier noon together with at that spot were hundreds of tourists waiting inwards trouble to ride a boat that would convey them to the PPUR entrance. 
This way... 36 kilometers more!

Photo op at Sabang Port

Instead of waiting, nosotros decided to proceed some other side trip to the nearby Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour. Although that side trip was quite costly, it gave us a novel expression at the importance of mangroves together with how it helps the locals of Palawan. We together with then headed dorsum to Sabang Port together with had our tiffin earlier riding our reserved boat that volition convey us to the beach where nosotros would together with then walk towards the entrance of the hush-hush river. 
Let's endeavor this out!
Guides hither are very knowledgeable well-nigh mangroves

Just a heads up, brand certain that colorful materials similar primal chains and H2O bottles live kept within the bags spell here. The monkeys hither loves to direct grip of these things volition lilliputian to no adventure of getting it dorsum inwards ane piece. Don't wound these monkeys also equally they powerfulness throw things to yous or seize amongst teeth you. 
Finally! No to a greater extent than lines!

Here nosotros go!
A household unit of measurement photograph earlier our hush-hush river adventure

That freaking monkey stole someone's drink... Get him!!!

Once at the entrance hold back for your plough to ride a boat that volition convey yous within the Puerto Princesa Underground River. You volition live accompanied past times a boat human being together with a local guide. If yous don't sympathise the Filipino dialect, yous may inquire for the tour earpiece amongst pre-recorded information well-nigh the cave. The tour is well-nigh ane hr long but don't expression that you'd achieve the other destination of the river arrangement equally the boat returns at a specific area. 
Time to larn out in!

Check out those bats within the cave system

After the tour, nosotros headed dorsum to the port where the rental van was waiting for us. It brought us dorsum to Sunlight Guest Hotel. It was quite a tiring 24-hour interval too, thence after dinner, nosotros all slept similar babies.

Day 5

It's our lastly 24-hour interval inwards Palawan, nosotros were booked for an afternoon flying dorsum to Manila today. Instead of staying inwards the hotel to rest, nosotros decided to create the Puerto Princesa CIty Tour. This tour brought us to the next places:
Plaza Cuartel
Puerto Princesa Cathedral
Crocodile Farm
Baker's Hill

After the tour, nosotros also had a adventure to but some souvenirs earlier heading to the airport. Overall, our 5 days inwards Palawan was a rattling memorable one. Although our remain was relatively short, it soundless gives me the feel that I volition live coming dorsum to this province ane time again (hopefully soon). When that fourth dimension comes, I promise I would already live able to run my itinerary. 


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