Things to do in : Kickoff Timer's Necessitate To My Cupnoodles Factory

Planning to catch the Cup Noodles Museum inwards Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture?

Your catch won't live consummate if yous won't crusade out the "create your ain personalized loving cup noodles package" activity inwards the My CUPNOODLES Factory department of the museum. 

However, at that spot would live a lot of times that the My CUPNOODLES Factory is jam-packed with tourists. It times similar this the staff is pretty much occupied together with at that spot is a huge conduct chances that you'd experience left out inwards the cold. Other times, at that spot are challenges inwards communicating amongst them (unless yous verbalise Nihongo). 

This article is written to assist yous amongst the pace yesteryear pace physical care for to create that loving cup noodle packet masterpiece without much assistance.

So what are yous waiting for? Let's begin!
Here's the procedure...

Here's how it looks similar inwards existent life:

Step 1: Insert yous 300 yen to larn i cup
Step 2: Place your mitt inwards i of those machines to sanitize it
Step 3: Design your cups. You tin laissez passer on the sack personalize it or follow the designs displayed on the table.
Step 4: The noodle volition together with then live placed inwards the cup 
Step 5:  Choose the soup flavors together with the toppings

Here are the noodles, soup flavor, together with toppings:
Please pick out i soup flavor...
... together with then pick out iv toppings

Step 6: This machine volition seal your cup
Step 7: Now lookout adult man her every minute she places your loving cup inwards plastic...
... earlier putting it through this oven-like machine to shrink-wrap it.
Step 8: You'll live given an "air package" where yous should house your masterpiece. Then purpose the air pumps to blow air into the "air package"
Here's my design

Congratulations! You are forthwith officially a loving cup noodle packet designer!


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