Thingstodoinsingapore; L'unico Luxury Skincare Launch @ The Stockroom Restaurant, Double Bay

L'unico delivers customised luxury skincare, using in addition to extracting the most concentrated ingredients from natural sources, blending nature amongst science. Each production is created amongst aid in addition to precision inwards L'unico's dry reason of the fine art peel aid lab.

There are 8 highly concentrated products y'all tin buy from L'unico's website. However, nosotros all desire the best in addition to most suitable products for our skin, at times pre-produced production are unable to successfully address our picky peel concerns. This is the get build I accept come upwardly across who caters for private peel concerns in addition to create customised skincare. This is why loyal users wing from roughly the nation to attend a consultation at L'unico's sole role inwards Miranda, NSW - this speaks volumes!

Now that y'all know a piffling near L'unico, hither are some fun facts!
  • L'unico's packaging are 100% UV resistant.
  • L'unico's Youth Essence Day Cream contains Snap 8 which assists inwards reducing in addition to delaying wrinkles, it's similar an 8-12hr botox .
  • The black formula contains 0.1% retinol.
  • L'unico's Vitamin C serum is cracking for sensitive peel because full general Vitamin C oxidises afterwards a twosome of weeks. L'unico's is to a greater extent than stable, containing acid from dates.

We were able to elbow grease in addition to exam the products during the launch, I of course, applied everything onto the dorsum of my hands in addition to walked out amongst the most amazing looking left mitt lol!

I accept started using some of L'unico's handling products in addition to I tin state y'all they are impressive. I can't hold back to hit an entire brand focus!

To sign off, nosotros were served a delicious iii course of report meal, the barra photographed below is likely the best I accept e'er had! It's then tender in addition to then tasty.

Lily non Louise attended this upshot every bit a invitee of L'unico


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