Things to do in : Quezon: Luminous Cross Of Grace Sanctuary

Located inward the town of Agdangan inward Quezon province, the Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary is a Catholic tower in addition to sanctuary built beside the town's parish church.

Standing 120 feet tall, the Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary is the brainchild of Fr. Raul "Puti" Enriquez. The inspiration to build a sanctuary inward Agdangan came to him onetime inward 2003 during the fourth dimension when jueteng (a local type of gambling) and excessive drinking plagued the modest coastal town. 

The sanctuary is simply beside St. Isidore Parish Church

Reminds me of Seattle Space Needle
Collective visions in addition to dreams of several people nearly the sanctuary brought together of import people who played a large role inward the motility to build the sanctuary in 2004.  Construction took a few years in addition to was finished inward 2007. According to our direct Ms. Yam Maglaqui, the sanctuary was built through the bayanihan spirit or collective seek of the locals who brought their ain tools in addition to helped amongst the structure of the sanctuary. The best purpose of it was those who were most active inward the constructions were those who were addicted to gambling in addition to alcohol. They sacrificed a lot of their time, effort, in addition to fifty-fifty coin to build the sanctuary.
The sanctuary is simply a few meters away from the church.

Listen carefully to the guide
The Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary was designed to await similar a monstrance consummate amongst the Holy Eucharist inward its center. Again, the sanctuary stands 120 feet tall or 12 stories high. Each flooring shows life size statues portraying unlike scenes inward the bible consummate amongst manus painted backgrounds.The top flooring (dome) gives out a portrayal of what sky mightiness await like. From there, visitors would also hold out able to encounter the panoramic persuasion of Tayabas Bay, Mt. Banahaw, in addition to the town of Agdangan. The sanctuary is best seen during the nighttime when it is illuminated past times beams of lite from the spotlights at its foot.
The persuasion of Agdangan from the top of the sanctuary

I would similar to thoroughly depict to y'all what you'd encounter inward each flooring but hence over again at that spot are things that I should skip hence that my readers would hold out intrigued to encounter in addition to sense them for themselves. I'll simply give y'all some tips in addition to things to produce when visiting the sanctuary.

  1.  Entrance is gratis but y'all pick out to sign upwardly inward their visitor's log book. (You may give monetary donations if y'all  are willing though.)
  2. You should take away your footwear when entering the sanctuary.
  3. Flash photography is prohibited within the sanctuary because it damages the paintings inward it.
  4. Refrain from bringing nutrient or beverages within the sanctuary.
  5. Listen to the direct in addition to remember, abide by begets respect. 
A niggling peek at what y'all tin encounter at the top of the sanctuary
I got to catch the San Isidro Labrador Parish of Agdangan in addition to the Luminous Cross of Grace during our Batangas-Quezon 2017 Visita Iglesia. The house was worth visiting. The sanctuary guide, Ms. Yam, was admirably rattling adept inward explaining the history of the sanctuary addition she also gives moving testimonies in addition to personal stories connected to the miracles attributed to the sanctuary. 
Check out those cross styled windows.
Gotta honey this edited photo

Overall, Agdangan should hold out included inward your pilgrimage sites to catch inward Quezon on your side past times side Visita Iglesia. It is sure worth it.

Getting there:
From Pasay City, ride a rider vehicle going to Lucena Grand Terminal from at that spot ride a rider vehicle going to Agdangan. Fare is unremarkably or hence 50 -70 pesos. 


Overall rating


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