Singapore tourism map: Dreaming Of An Irish Bookshop

My Happy Place: Hodges Figgis inwards Dublin

I was walking downward Bukit Timah this morn inwards a dismal downpour when it hitting me. Not that I was going to teach wet...well perchance that too. I had an umbrella but inwards Singapore that's irrelevant. If it rains, umbrella or no umbrella, you're going to teach wet. My aha 2d was merely this: in that place are no bookshops hither similar the ane pictured above. When I lived inwards Dublin, Hodges Figgis on Dawson Street was hands downward my favorite haunt. My Irish Gaelic expat friends hither intend I'm joking when I say them I'm half-Irish. But my affinity alongside the poetry, literature, feel of humor, can't last a fluke. I was precisely born inwards Italy but actually I'm Irish. I tin vividly retrieve the creamy transcend of a guinness alongside soup together with soda breadstuff inwards a pub on a rainy twenty-four hours later classes...but I digress.
I sometimes worry that in that place precisely aren't plenty bookshops inwards Singapore. That's what's missing. Or better, in that place are bookstores but non bookshops together with in that place is a difference. Maybe I should precisely opened upwardly one. My imaginary bookshop would last awesome. As cozy together with inviting equally Hodges Figgis. Poetry readings, gratis coffee, comfortable armchairs. Maybe fifty-fifty fresh muffins. Helpful assistants alongside an Irish Gaelic accent-too much? Would I brand a lot of money? Probably not. But I knew that from the get-go. Majoring inwards philosophy at Vassar was variety of a clue. On the outset twenty-four hours of class, our professor told us: "I gauge yous already know there's no coin inwards Philosophy. If yous were interested inwards that you'd last downward the hall studying Economics."


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