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I lately got to sample Ash & Elm's tiffin fourth dimension weekday semi-buffet lunch.  For this, Ash & Elm at the Intercontinental hotel, Bugis has taken the best from their signatures in addition to offers diners the adventure to bask dishes from the Charcuterie & Cheese Room, Wood-Fired Oven in addition to Charcoal Grill. From these stations you lot tin give notice bask equally much equally you lot similar (as you lot tin give notice from whatsoever expert buffet) but the twist is that you lot tin give notice also combine it, if you lot wish, amongst a pick of a primary course of written report from a multifariousness of daily options.

The semi-buffet tiffin is perfect for those looking for a bully venue for a job organisation tiffin equally good equally those looking for somewhere dissimilar to tiffin amongst friends. The dining infinite is opened upwardly in addition to airy thank you lot to the skylight roof but also offers upwardly cosy to a greater extent than somebody spots for an intimate tiffin amongst friends or for enjoying a job organisation tiffin amongst colleagues or clients. 

The salad station

Charcuterie in addition to Cheese Room

As I said, earlier enjoying your primary course of written report you lot tin give notice direct from a multifariousness of appetizers in addition to soups inward a typical buffet way laid up. We began our repast inward the 'Charcuterie & Cheese Room', yep you lot read that correct - a whole room dedicated to charcuterie in addition to cheese! My companion for the repast is a big cheese fan therefore he was inward heaven. There was a expert selection of European cheeses, pates, meats in addition to condiments to direct from. We both took an ample hit which nosotros in addition to then really speedily consumed. To accompany our starters nosotros were given our ain breadstuff handbasket amongst a multifariousness of breads including sourdough, breadstuff sticks in addition to more. The breadstuff was accompanied past times ii types of butter 1 of which contained seaweed. The slightly salty gustation to this butter actually went good amongst the breads. In fact inward the destination I entirely had the seaweed butter.

Our selection of breads

minestrone soup

seafood chowder

Salad amongst roast duck 

Fun interpretation of a mozzarella in addition to love apple tree salad

From meat in addition to cheese nosotros moved on to salads in addition to soups. There were a pick of ii soups on the hateful solar daytime nosotros went, seafood chowder in addition to minestrone. As I'm non a huge fan of seafood I opted for the minestrone soup. This had simply a fiddling warming boot to it in addition to was actually good. My companion chose the seafood chowder which they said was excellent. After this nosotros had to endeavor around of the self-serve salad too. The options on the hateful solar daytime nosotros visited included a Caesar salad in addition to roast duck which you lot could add together to a base of operations of diverse salad items of your choice, including beetroot (one of my favourites), sweetness corn, tomatoes, lettuce etc. Alongside the conventional salads they also had a fun interpretation of the classic mozzarella in addition to love apple tree salad which you lot tin give notice encounter inward the photograph above. It was fun to crush the balsamic dressing over it in addition to and then eat it instantly off the cocktail stick.

Roasted French Free-Range Yellow Chicken Supreme
Basquaise-style amongst Basmati rice

Chargrilled Australian Angus Beef Striploin
Potato gratin, pan-seared French beans, natural jus

After all the starters it was fourth dimension for our mains. As I said previously Ash & Elm are offering a semi-buffet therefore you lot larn all the benefits of a buffet addition the alternative of a primary course of written report too. Just brand certain you lot travel out plenty room for it in addition to and then desserts too! There is a dissimilar daily selection of primary courses, on the hateful solar daytime I visited the choices were the chicken (above), Scottish salmon fillet, Parma ham flatbread, penne pasta in addition to Australian Angus beef striploin (which my companion chose). The chicken was delicious, dainty in addition to moist in addition to the love apple tree based sauce complimented it perfectly. I also got radishes amongst my meal, something of a process inward Singapore! I was pretty total past times the fourth dimension I'd finished though, if I'd realised I was going to larn 3 pieces of chicken I'd induce got held dorsum a fiddling on the buffet. My companion's beef was also really generously portioned, something to perish on inward hear if you lot are dining here. 

The fact that the primary courses modify daily also agency you lot tin give notice induce got the chance to dine on other dishes on your adjacent take in rather than having to direct from the same few each time. Therefore you lot induce got to render to bask around of the other offerings!

Despite the fact that I was quite total past times that point, later a curt pause to allow my tiffin digest a little, I constitute around room for a selection of desserts. I induce got to acknowledge to a sweetness molar therefore couldn't resist trying a few. The lemon meringue (front of the photo) was peculiarly dainty in addition to zesty but they were all really good. By the way in that location is also a chocolate outflow for you lot to dip fresh fruit etc into, how tin give notice you lot resist that at the destination of your meal?

I had a thoroughly enjoyable tiffin in addition to beloved the flexible nature of Ash & Elm's weekday tiffin semi-buffet, if you lot desire to dine lite on simply the buffet department you lot tin give notice or else you lot tin give notice bask a to a greater extent than filling meal. One that, on the hateful solar daytime nosotros went, meant I entirely wanted a really lite seize amongst teeth inward the evening. It's a relaxed location for a dissimilar tiffin concept serving upwardly around bully nutrient at a bully price. Go cheque it out soon!

The semi-buffet tiffin is available on its ain equally a spread of appetizers, soups in addition to desserts for $38 or amongst a pick of primary course of written report at $48.

Level 1, Intercontinental Hotel
80 Middle Road
Singapore 188966

Semi-buffet tiffin (Mondays to Fridays) - 12pm to 2pm


Dining reservation (email):

Dining reservation (telephone): (65) 6825 1008

Payment methods: Cash in addition to all major credit cards

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Thank you lot to Ash & Elm for the form invitation.


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