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It's been a piece I know since my final Red Dot Roaming post but I managed to larn to the adjacent identify of involvement to me, the Punggol promenade nature walk. This is some other stretch of the North Eastern Riverine Loop of which I've been to the Punggol Waterway commons together with the Sengkang Riverside commons areas previously. If you lot are interested inwards exploring whatsoever of this role of Singapore cheque out this really handy guide produced yesteryear the National Parks and, of course, my previous posts!

This fourth dimension though nosotros got the LRT to Kadaloor station, the start fourth dimension my married adult man had e'er been on the LRT, together with began our walk from there. We began non also far from the Lorong Halus Wetland park, somewhere else I would similar to see but something nosotros decided, this time, to salvage for some other day. As with hence many of the walks together with routes to explore inwards Singapore everything was beautifully sign posted together with the paths good cared for, making it perfect for all the household unit of measurement to enjoy. We did brand a slight mistake getting on to the walk together with had to backtrack a lilliputian but nosotros were presently on the correct road together with underway! If you lot determine to bring together the walk from Kadaloor LRT brand certain you lot caput nether the span unopen to the edifice plant together with RiverParc Residence (rather than walk across it) to bring together the jogging together with bicycle path which volition hence induce got you lot only about to the nature walk.

The betoken of the walk most Lorong Halus Wetland commons (that span leads across to it) where you lot tin flame determine whether to bring together the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk or become inwards the contrary administration together with bring together the Riverside Walk

From this betoken nosotros were hence on the nature walk with the bounding main to our right. Throughout the whole walk the path was good defined with much of it beingness dissever betwixt a bicycle path together with a footpath. As you lot tin flame run across from my photograph below the start role was tree lined together with actually didn't experience much similar Singapore. We visited on a Sun but asides from a few runners, walkers together with cyclists nosotros hardly saw anybody until nosotros reached the goal of our walk.

Before long though nosotros left the initial tree lined walkway together with were out inwards the opened upwards with really express shade. Make certain you lot induce got enough of H2O together with article of apparel enough of Sun cream! It is from this betoken that nosotros could run across Pulau Serangoon or Coney Island every bit it is also known, lying betwixt Singapore together with Pulau Ubin together with some other of the many islands off the coast of Singapore. 

As you lot follow the walk only about you lot transcend 2 bridges connecting the isle to the mainland but both induce got large gates restricting access. In the yesteryear I induce got read that you lot tin flame larn across to the isle but I honestly don't know if nosotros could induce got every bit it didn't await similar it, needless to state nosotros didn't essay it. I've read that Pulau Serangoon has been earmarked for evolution with residential areas, areas for sport together with recreational utilization together with for a nature reserve. As I sympathize it some of this volition hold upwards opening this twelvemonth (not certain if it has yet), lets promise the residential plans etc. don't destroy the natural nature side of the island.

View across to Pulau Serangoon (Coney Island)

As nosotros continued only about nosotros passed amongst the Serangoon West Dam which is the minute connector betwixt Pulau Serangoon together with Singapore together with from hither across the H2O the border of Pulau Ubin came into sentiment together with farther on hence did Malaysia. At this betoken nosotros started to run across to a greater extent than people every bit nosotros came closer to Punggol Point together with the Punggol Settlement. There were people line-fishing every bit good every bit walkers, cyclists together with hence on.

View Towards Pulau Ubin
View Towards Malaysia

At the Punggol Settlement nosotros were greeted yesteryear the welcome sight of a couplet of convenience shops every bit good every bit some restaurants over 2 levels, a lilliputian oasis of life afterward the relative isolation of the walk. We were definitely grateful for the chance to larn a potable together with hence something to eat. I've read since that the expanse used to hold upwards a pop dining spot inwards the 1970s together with is directly enjoying a fleck of a resurgence. Certainly with the riding stables, vacation chalets (who knew) together with outward natural springtime centre that nosotros spotted unopen yesteryear I imagine this is a pop identify to satisfy your hunger. Also the views every bit you lot dine looking out to bounding main together with towards Malaysia are really pleasant together with a welcome change.

A lilliputian of the local wildlife

Punggol Point together with the beach is also an of import spot for those interested inwards history every bit this was the site of role of the Sook Ching massacre, the extermination of perceived hostile elements amongst the Chinese inwards Singapore during the Japanese business of Singapore. At this site (one of several) between 300 to 400 Chinese civilians were massacred on the 28 Feb 1942. These victims were some of the G Chinese men previously detained afterward a door-to-door search of the Upper Serangoon Road. The Sook Ching massacre took identify inwards diverse locations, both hither together with inwards Malaysia (Malaya every bit it was hence known) betwixt the xviii Feb together with four March 1942. This expanse at Punggol Point has been declared a national heritage site together with in that location is a small-scale plaque acknowledging this slice of the area's history at the site.

After our dejeuner together with with our walk ended nosotros headed home, at to the lowest degree in i lawsuit nosotros managed to secure a taxi. The relative remoteness of the spot (despite the restaurants etc there) agency that tin flame hold upwards a lilliputian challenging. It was, however, nifty to notice this role of Singapore. I had non realised beforehand that the Punggol Settlement together with Punggol Point expanse was quite hence developed with enough to a greater extent than than only places to swallow together with drink. I tin flame imagine it's a pop spot for those who alive unopen to the expanse together with fifty-fifty for those living farther afield. It seems similar somewhere refreshingly different, whether you lot are visiting with household unit of measurement or looking for somewhere a lilliputian to a greater extent than odd to become to with a loved i (especially with those bounding main views) though admittedly non the easiest spot to accomplish (or larn dorsum from) if you lot don't induce got a car. Hopefully I'll larn dorsum in that location in i lawsuit again at some point.

Kadaloor LRT (PE5) is on the Punggol LRT line. It tin flame hold upwards accessed via Punggol MRT on the North East describe (NE17).

As I mentioned inwards a higher identify this walk was some other department of the larger North Eastern Riverine Loop, induce got a await at my previous posts on the Punggol Waterway together with the Sengkang Riverside commons floating wetland.

If you lot missed whatsoever of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, cheque them all out here


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