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If yous are a regular reader of my weblog you'll know that nosotros got the chance to accept upwardly a staycation at the Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan non as well as then long ago, past times the way cheque out the link to the postal service for an offering on your ain rest in that place exclusive to my weblog readers. As it was an unexpected care for I took the chance to accept a Sat off locomote to maximise our stay. After our cheque inwards as well as a tour of the hotel nosotros were complimentary to savour ourselves as well as nosotros saw this equally the perfect adventure to live on tourists for the twenty-four hours inwards the Kampong Glam area.

We were genuinely a piddling early on for our cheque inwards initially as well as then decided to honour a cafe or java store unopen past times to kill some time. Literally but unopen to the corner from the hotel nosotros stumbled upon the Dong Po Colonial Cafe. I realised after that I'd genuinely seen this identify on a TV present as well as what a keen piddling honour it was. It was packed total of memorabilia from Singapore's yesteryear. All the tables were similar ours inwards my photograph below, drinking glass topped as well as stuffed total of piddling mementos and, of course, in that place was kopi, kaya toast as well as a whole charge of other yummy things on the menu.

kopi time

Once nosotros had checked inwards nosotros dumped our overnight bags inwards our room as well as ventured out in i lawsuit more. We wandered unopen to the streets of Kampong Glam, of course, this included the famous ones similar Haji Lane but because nosotros came from the Jalan Sultan direction lots of others that I've likely barely walked downward before. Asides from the shops, restaurants as well as weekend hustle as well as bustle I took the fourth dimension to facial expression for other things of interest. I'm ever interested past times ghost signage or hints of what a edifice may conduct maintain originally been used for, who it was owned past times or when it was built as well as I spotted this on i of the street corners inwards a higher identify the modern store frontage. Always pays to facial expression up, yous never know what you'll come across or find.

After all our walking nosotros needed luncheon as well as decided to endeavour out somewhere else that we'd heard lots most from friends but never got to, Pizza Fabbrica on Bussorah Street. All the hype most the identify was definitely worth it as well as I tin alone concord amongst all those already singing its praises. The nutrient was delicious amongst amazing pizzas as well as the service was keen too. Good service is for sure something I honour myself appreciating a lot to a greater extent than these days. 

Our starter as well as my pizza choice

Of class after a huge luncheon similar that nosotros needed to create some to a greater extent than walking unopen to the expanse to order notice a few of those calories off. This gave us a adventure to come across some to a greater extent than of the dorsum as well as side streets of the Kampong Glam expanse as well as grab dissimilar views of some of its famous landmarks. After plenty of walking nosotros retired to a bar as well as enjoyed a duad of slow afternoon drinks earlier heading dorsum to the hotel, freshening upwardly as well as heading out for something to eat. Having had such a large as well as fairly slow luncheon nosotros weren't particularly hungry but the beauty of this expanse is it is packed total of Middle Eastern nutrient which agency plenty of delicious snacks as well as mezze trend dishes to select from. Perfect for when yous but desire something calorie-free as well as also keen for sharing. 

Masjid Sultan mosque from a backstreet

We didn't endeavour this identify out but the tag business amused me - i for some other fourth dimension perhaps.

Dinner - dining on Middle Eastern food

It was keen to accept some fourth dimension out to explore this business office of Singapore again, somewhere nosotros likely don't pass nearly plenty fourth dimension in. I particularly enjoyed it given that my Saturdays unremarkably consist of a twenty-four hours at locomote as well as then my extra complimentary fourth dimension as well as exploring was all the to a greater extent than special. Being a tourist inwards your hometown (or adopted hometown) is for sure something I'd recommend yous try.

Don't forget to cheque out my blog postal service of my rest at the Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan if you'd similar to accept the fourth dimension to explore this expanse a piddling to a greater extent than yourself as well as also larn a keen bargain on your hotel rest inwards the process! 


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