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I'm currently playing a cast of choose grip of upwardly amongst my Red Dot Roaming in addition to posting some 'out of alphabetical sync' weblog posts due to the opening of the 2nd department of the Downtown Line final December. With that inwards take away heed in addition to then my adjacent halt was Hillview MRT in addition to a see to the Singapore Quarry.

The Singapore Quarry, simply similar the one-time quarries at Bukit Batok Town Park in addition to Hindhede Nature Park, was also a ane fourth dimension granite quarry, that has forthwith been turned into a wetland habitat. Quarrying activities genuinely continued at that topographic point until the slow 1980s. Once quarrying stopped the huge crater was allowed to fill upwardly up amongst Earth in addition to pelting H2O forming the lake that you lot tin forthwith view. Getting at that topographic point from Hillview MRT is really simple, simply caput towards the nearby Rail Mall in addition to and then to Jalan Asas simply behind it. If you lot follow the route approximately you'll discovery a children's play surface area in addition to inwards the corner an entrance to the rails going towards the Singapore quarry in addition to other routes. 

I wonder where this rails goes?

As e'er at that topographic point was a really helpful sign ane time nosotros were on the tracks directing us on the brusk walk to the quarry. Just similar Hindhede Nature Park the Singapore Quarry is correct too Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. I don't know if commonly you lot tin access the nature reserve from hither but at the moment, due to the renovations taking place, you lot tin solely access Bukit Timah Nature Reserve from the Hindhede Nature Park in addition to solely on weekends.

Singapore Quarry

The walk to the quarry did non accept us long in addition to was on a good set out road, hence easily accessible to all. When nosotros arrived at the quarry, simply every bit at the Hindhede Nature Park, at that topographic point was ane viewing indicate giving some data almost the history of the quarry in addition to the wild animals it was forthwith possible to spot there. Despite us visiting on a populace vacation nosotros were practically the solely people at that topographic point hence it was lovely to simply sit down in addition to bask the peace in addition to solitude for a niggling while. 

On leaving the views of the quarry in addition to walking dorsum the means nosotros had came nosotros spotted some other trail for mount bikes. We did receive got a flake of a hold back but spotted a sign advising it was solely for the role of mount bikers in addition to also that the route was non precisely designed for walking on. We left that in addition to instead walked dorsum yesteryear the entrance from Jalan Asas in addition to on towards the Dairy Farm Nature Park in addition to the MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre. 

The route was ane time over again a good set out road, I guess because the opportunity centre was farther along hence it would demand to hold out accessible to vehicles, but devoid of pretty much anyone else but us. Our walk eventually brought us dorsum approximately to Upper Bukit Timah Road in addition to on to the MRT station but non earlier I passed this develop of old steps upwardly the side of the bank.

As amongst the Hindhede Nature Park this is non a especially challenging walk hence suitable all. It is also non that long a walk hence tin hold out easily enjoyed without giving upwardly a lot of time. What is prissy though is that it seems to hold out relatively undiscovered hence provides a pleasant sanctuary for simply a niggling while.

Hillview MRT is on the Downtown Line (DT3).

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