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Maybe you lot are even thus looking for a venue for a terminal infinitesimal Christmas larn together amongst friends or your loved ones.  If so, accept you lot idea nearly trying Roundhouse: Pizza, Bar together with Grill at Horse City?  Last Fri I went along to sample their Christmas carte du jour which is currently available until the 28 Dec 2014.

We had a slightly eventful fourth dimension getting to the eatery firstly because nosotros stupidly tried to larn a taxi from Orchard the Fri earlier Christmas together with at the fourth dimension when everyone was either going abode or going out!  You'd think I'd know yesteryear now!  Then when nosotros got a cab nosotros got dropped off at the Grandstand (Turf City) simply upwards the route from Horse City where nosotros truly needed to hold upwards thus together with then had to walk the curt walk dorsum downwards roughly really black roads.  However nosotros got at that topographic point inwards the goal together with were made really welcome.  Just bare inwards hear though if you lot are visiting the eatery together with getting a cab to brand sure you lot larn dropped off at Horse City.

As I mentioned nosotros were at that topographic point to sample their Christmas carte du jour together with nosotros began the eventide amongst the Sweet Red Chili Lobster Remoulade Roll served inwards a warm soft bun amongst French fries together with salad ($34++).  As you lot may cry back from other eatery posts I'm non the biggest seafood fan but equally is oft the example I was pleasantly surprised together with enjoyed the dish.  There were decent sized pieces of lobster meat inwards the scroll together with the side part of fries were truly good.   My companion felt that the chili was a piddling equally good sugariness for her personally but this didn't halt us chop-chop finishing off the lobster dish.

Sweet Red Chili Lobster Remoulade Roll

Next was the Roasted Spring Chicken stuffed amongst sage bread, served amongst baked rosemary potatoes together with crispy bacon ($36++).  This proved to hold upwards a hitting amongst both of us, the chicken beingness juicy together with total of flavour.  The dish was served amongst a chicken jus made from the juices from the chicken which truly tasted delicious.  The chicken was also stuffed amongst sage breadstuff nether the pare of the pectus rather than inwards the traditional way.  This meant that when you lot sliced into the pectus meat you lot also got to relish a yummy acre of the sage bread.  I similar sage stuffing together with I liked this means of presenting the dish.  The chicken was served amongst rosemary potatoes which nosotros both agreed were really skillful together with 1 time to a greater extent than total of flavour.  For me personally the chicken compaction the lobster dish purely because this is typical of what I would accept ordered together with it didn't disappoint.

Roasted Spring Chicken 

Finally came dessert e'er a personal favourite of mine!  We sampled the Winter Log Cake, a white chocolate yoghurt together with raspberry semifreddo amongst scarlet berries financier together with raspberry coulis ($16++).  I am non a fan of whatever of the traditional Christmas desserts or cakes thus for me choices such equally this on Christmas menus would e'er hold upwards my preference.  I was a piddling concerned beforehand that this may hold upwards a piddling heavy afterward our principal courses.  However it was inwards fact truly lite together with although fairly sugariness (not a large occupation for me) was incredibly slow to swallow together with sure enough did non exit us feeling uncomfortably full.  Once 1 time to a greater extent than this was chop-chop polished off yesteryear us together with both myself together with my companion thoroughly enjoyed it.

Winter Log Cake

Whilst nosotros were at that topographic point for the Christmas carte du jour the regular carte du jour looks pretty extensive amongst a hit of dishes that would accommodate all members of the family.  There is an exterior seating expanse together with I noticed an expanse amongst puddle tables equally good equally signs for a weekly quiz black together with apartment enshroud TVs for showing diverse sporting events.  It sure enough looks similar a really identify unit of measurement friendly identify to visit.

The Roundhouse Christmas a la carte carte du jour is available straight off until the 28 Dec 2014.

100 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287992

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Thursday: 6pm to 11pm
Friday: 5pm to 11pm
Weekends: 9am to 4pm, 6pm to 11pm
Closed on Mondays

Phone: 6466 0966

Twitter: @rroundhouse 

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Thank you lot to the Roundhouse for the variety invitation.


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