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Living anywhere inwards Singapore ensures you lot accept lots of nifty places to consume at correct across the isle whatever you lot are inwards the mood for, sometimes though it's dainty to remain closer to home.  That's what nosotros create quite a lot together with 1 identify some us that has fast instruct out a theatre favourite is Lower East Side on East Coast Road.

Lower East Side is a relaxed Mexican inspired eating theatre perfect for drinks together with food.  It's somewhere we'll oft instruct out to inwards the flush or at weekends equally it together with then some us together with never disappoints, theatre favourites beingness the Signature Trio Tacos, a hit of dishes including fish, pork belly, chorizo together with vegetarian options.

On 1 of these really visits though nosotros noticed a poster advertising a Lord's Day Mexican inspired brunch which nosotros decided nosotros had to receive out.  The brunch options are eggs Benedict tacos, churros pancakes, brunch burrito together with a cheese baked one-half avocado.  I was torn betwixt the eggs Benedict tacos together with the brunch burrito but inwards the destination opted for the tacos.  I am a fan of eggs Benedict together with then it seemed plumbing equipment to opt for this fun alternative.  I was glad I did equally they were delicious, the egg perfectly cooked together with the avocado underneath (which you lot tin merely encounter inwards my photograph below) complimenting it perfectly.  I opted to consume them amongst a knife together with fork though equally I intend you'd instruct inwards a fighting of a mess trying to create together with then amongst your hands but I'd definitely accept them again.

Mexican hot chocolate

I acknowledge to having a fighting of a sugariness molar at times together with despite Singapore's tropical conditions withal bask drinking hot chocolate.  So when I saw this on the brunch card I had to give it a instruct out too.  The hot chocolate had a hint of cinnamon to it which tasted lovely amongst the chocolate.  It for certain went downwards really nicely whilst I was waiting for my tacos to arrive.

After our mains together with a duo to a greater extent than drinks (by the agency they accept 1 for 1 offers on some drinks) nosotros decided to instruct some churros to part from the regular card to complete off our meal.  These are wonderfully expert amongst the churros beingness dainty together with sugariness coupled amongst the slightly bitter chocolate dipping sauce.

Eggs Benedict tacos

The weekend brunch is a expert selection at Lower East Side together with we'll definitely last dorsum over again for it soon!

Weekend brunch runs on Sabbatum from 11am - 4pm together with Lord's Day from 9am - 4pm.


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