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Eliot has been abode from her kindergarten for nigh a calendar month SingaporeTourismMap: I'm back, finally...

Eliot has been abode from her kindergarten for nigh a month. Very high fever thus bad illustration of urticaria (continent similar hives roofing her body) caused past times an allergic reaction to a viral affliction in addition to live on afterwards merely walking dorsum into her schoolhouse for the twenty-four hours she came abode amongst the croup.
We're keeping her abode instantly until the Christmas holiday.
This combined amongst precipitous onslaught of homesickness accept kept me away from the keyboard. Btw, y'all know y'all are homesick where at that topographic point is a) non a specific matter y'all miss in addition to b) your woman rear tells y'all over the telephone how bleak the conditions is in addition to your answer is a wistful "really, is it foggy too? Awww...."
Sometimes it's difficult to believe it's Dec inwards Singapore when it's thus hot if feels similar July.
One matter that brought me out of the slump was the breakfast birthday political party I had amongst my girlfriends. It was thus fun. I hadn't had a birthday political party inwards sooo long. About sixteen girlfriends came in addition to nosotros had lots of express mirth in addition to lots of masala dhosa! And I got thus many's similar they read my heed too: books, vouchers for books, starbucks vouchers, perfumes, lavander soaps, pretty bags...the ruby on the cake was coming abode to detect a drawing of regal flowers past times Eliot on my pillow. (Photo from when Eliot commencement arrived inwards Singapore 4 yrs ago).


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