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 I convey to halt leaving unloosen alter only about the family SingaporeTourismMap: Money
Toothless Eliot
I convey to halt leaving unloosen alter only about the house. The argue I tell this is because of Alexander's never ending molar fairy money. Very suspicious. If he had this many teeth autumn out he would live on a toothless erstwhile homo past times now. He's bought himself a yoyo, a super bouncy ball, a folder as well as fifty-fifty princess stickers for Eliot. I caught her looking inwards the mirror the other twenty-four hours wondering out loud: "When am I going to lose a tooth?"
Now when she's mad at 'boy' her novel threat (having replaced: "I'm non going to invite you lot to my party.") is: "I'm non going to purchase you lot something amongst my molar fairy money."
So I gauge forthwith the 2 principal inquiry running only about inwards her pretty lilliputian caput are:
"When am I going to lose a tooth?" as well as "Why Peter Pan never comes to my house?"

(Photo from a fourth dimension when Eliot was to a greater extent than interested inwards getting teeth rather than losing them.)


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