Singaporetourismmap: E Coast Sunrise As Well As Sunset

Whilst nosotros lived inwards Singapore nosotros chose to alive inwards the eastward coast area, specifically Katong. It was simply guide chances that took us there, inwards fact my husband originally wanted to await at other areas but the agent he used when he outset moved to Singapore took him in that place as well as nosotros ended upward living inwards the same condo (in unlike units) for our whole stay. As fourth dimension went on many of our friends ended upward living inwards that expanse also which was great. We got to know the area well as well as became really fond of our neighbourhood, getting to know many of our neighbours as well as feeling completely at home. Living where nosotros did also meant that East Coast commons was really closed as well as provided us alongside much enjoyment inwards our costless time.

This post service was inspired past times a friend of ours who lived inwards the expanse as well as also enjoyed visiting East Coast park, especially for the fantastic sunrises. Our friend took some amazing photos whilst she was living there. We decided nosotros wanted to run into this for ourselves also as well as nosotros went many times (with a flask of tea inwards hand) but I never actually got to a greater extent than or less to sharing whatsoever of those photos, sure as shooting non on the weblog anyway. Whilst we never got whatsoever sunrises (or sunsets) equally skillful as hers hither are a alternative of some of the photos I took from unlike visits.

By the means if you lot desire to run into some of our friend's photos of the sunrises as well as a whole charge of other great photos as well as posts check out her Singapore blog. Just like us, her as well as her hubby are no longer living inwards Singapore as well as right away reside inwards Bharat as well as hence cause got a await at her new blog too.

From sunrise to a duad of sunset photos


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