Singaporetourismmap: Fort Siloso As Well As The Skywalk

Fort Siloso was 1 of the maiden of all places I visited when I moved to Singapore over v years agone but since that really early on see on a slightly rainy 24-hour interval which was also my maiden of all come across amongst wild monkeys I've never returned. All that changed lately withal which also meant I got to walk across the fairly newly opened Skywalk.

I did hollo my maiden of all see to Fort Siloso previously on my weblog but this was alone inwards passing inwards 1 of my really early on posts from my maiden of all few months here. So directly I think it's high fourth dimension to brand upwardly for that properly! Fort Siloso is genuinely the alone restored coastal gun battery from the twelve that originally made upwardly 'Fortress Singapore' at the outset of World War Two. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fort was maiden of all built hither inwards 1874 when it became necessary to protect Singapore's port every bit merchandise flourished.

The fort went on to play a purpose inwards World War Two when the guns were turned inland from their commons seat pointing out to bounding main to defend Singapore against the province invasion past times the Japanese. During the subsequent Japanese trouble the fort was used every bit a Prisoner of War army camp together with subsequently the Japanese give upwardly was used past times the Royal Navy until it was handed over to the Singapore Government at the fourth dimension of the British withdrawal from Singapore.

Now you lot tin become together with see the fort for yourself together with larn close its history. The data close the fort is nicely displayed inwards the diverse buildings together with mainly focuses on its purpose during World War Two. Apart from a duet of parts which you lot create receive got to pay for it is completely costless to explore. The displays consist of everything you'd aspect amongst data boards, photos, pictures, videos together with interactive sections. We visited mid-week together with it was pretty much empty. The maiden of all fourth dimension I visited was on a Lord's Day when you'd aspect it to hold out a picayune busier but I don't hollo upwardly at that topographic point beingness many people at that topographic point together with hence either but mayhap this was because it was a rainy day. This picayune business office of Sentosa is quite dissimilar from the residue of the isle together with if you lot are looking for something to a greater extent than than simply the commons pursuits available hither it is good worth stopping by.

Of course, every bit I mentioned, nosotros also got to walk on the novel Skywalk which opened before this twelvemonth together with which you lot tin directly usage to acquire to the fort. When you lot acquire inwards at the Skywalk you lot accept a elevator (I think you lot tin also accept the stairs) upwardly xi storeys together with when you lot stride exterior at that topographic point is a peachy persuasion from the treetops. Here you lot tin see across Sentosa together with dorsum to the mainland, spy the cable car, spot about of the iconic condos inwards the expanse and, if nix else, bask a pleasant breeze too.

Like lots of like attractions when you lot maiden of all stride out of the elevator at that topographic point is an expanse amongst a drinking glass bottomed flooring hence you lot tin stand upwardly on it together with aspect downward to the Earth below. I couldn't resist taking the measure 'feet on the drinking glass floor' photograph when I was there. The actual walk together with hence takes you lot at treetop tiptop over parts of the fort together with surrounding area, giving you lot an interesting bird's oculus persuasion of everything. The skywalk is also costless together with worth doing if you lot are going to see Fort Siloso.

As I said this business office of Sentosa is simply a chip dissimilar from much of the residue of the island, maybe that's why it was relatively empty on both my visits? Either agency though it is simply every bit worthy of going to every bit the residue is together with for those of you lot who write off the residue of the isle together with hence mayhap this is the chip you lot should hold out going to. It's peachy to see that this fort has been preserved together with this of import slice of Singapore's history is beingness shared. 


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