Singaporetourismmap: Singapore Jazz Festival 2015

This past times weekend saw us caput off to the and nosotros were lucky plenty to cause got gone in addition to thence too) in addition to returned 1 time to a greater extent than this year, featuring roughly of the best artists inward the trouble organisation all overlooked past times Marina Bay Sands in addition to the CBD skyline.  The festival featured over 250 artists, including international Grammy abide by winners, nautical chart toppers equally good equally roughly of Singapore's ain jazz stars.  Although the festival is billed equally a jazz festival its organisers dry reason that it is a celebration of jazz inspired music in addition to its influence across all music genres, guaranteeing an exciting mix of performers.  Also ensuring that everyone manage should cause got a slap-up black in addition to last able to bask the music on offer.

Ready to bask the night, armed amongst our FIJI Water, the Official Artesian Water for the festival

It was a lovely eve amongst pleasant temperatures in addition to later a busy hateful solar daytime at run armed amongst our bottles of FIJI water, the festival's official artesian water, nosotros arrived make to bask the evening.  The acts performing on Sat black included, DJ Maurice Simon, Charlie Lim, Indra Lesmana, Snarky Puppy, Naturally seven in addition to Jessie J.  The performers nosotros saw were all expert but for me the highlight of the black was Naturally 7.  I'd non heard of them previously but they are an American based acapella grouping amongst a distinct manner known equally vocal play.  Check them out on YouTube if you lot don't know them already, they are amazing!  They sang a hit of good known songs in addition to were absolutely hear blowing!  I actually can't sing their praises enough.  Jessie J was headlining the festival in addition to the final deed of the black in addition to whilst I acknowledge I did bask Naturally seven more, she equally good was really good, she has a powerful alive vocalization in addition to sure enough kept the crowd entertained.

The master copy stage

Asides from existence a slap-up black out the Singapore Jazz Festival also has an of import social in addition to evolution chemical ingredient to it.  A purpose of the proceeds taken from the festival goes towards supporting the Foundation for Arts in addition to Social Enterprise inward the nurturing in addition to promoting of local jazz talent through a Jazz Academy.  These artists are then, inward due course, expected to aid futurity generations of talented musicians to laissez passer the same success inward a 'creative circle of help'.  They also desire to heighten the profile of Singapore to a greater extent than frequently than non equally a regional in addition to international hub of arts in addition to culture.  Something I've sure enough seen developing lately correct across the board.

The perfect backdrop to the festival

We had a slap-up black out at the jazz festival all the same again, the setting is perfect in addition to the backdrop stunning.  Let's human face upwardly it, it's a slap-up skyline in addition to 1 I never larn tired of.  I'm pretty sure the 2016 festival volition last fifty-fifty better!  Definitely 1 for your diaries. 

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