Singaporetourismmap: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

When nosotros offset moved to Singapore the Tanjong Pagar railway station was all the same opened upward alongside a educate service linking Singapore together with Malaysia. The station unopen inwards June 2011, having opened inwards 1932, together with I shout out back at the fourth dimension of its closure at that spot existence lots of involvement inwards the station together with what would driblet dead of the building. Sadly I never got to move on the railway when it was inwards use, nor did I larn to demand keep it on its in conclusion journey, though I know several people who did. After its closure I passed past times the fine art deco edifice many times together with wondered what would driblet dead of it. Lots of rumours together with suggestions circulated but nil concrete seemed to occur until earlier this twelvemonth (I intend inwards fourth dimension for Chinese New Year) it was announced that the station would survive opened to visitors on Public Holidays. As a lover of history together with also abandoned buildings that seem to demand keep stories to percentage this directly went on my listing every bit somewhere I had to larn to on 1 of the numerous holidays.

We decided to hold off a pair of Public Holidays earlier heading downwardly at that spot together with finally went non therefore long ago. In example you lot didn't know it's gratis to movement into together with and then you lot tin forcefulness out pass every bit lilliputian or every bit much fourth dimension every bit you lot desire exploring the place. The twenty-four sixty minutes stream nosotros went it was non excessively busy together with at that spot were a mix of families, photographers alongside to a greater extent than or less impressive gear making the most of the backdrop to create photography shoots of the buildings together with site or alongside their latest muse inwards place.

The station's ticket hall

When you lot movement into the station you lot offset driblet dead into the large airy ticket hall alongside its high vaulted ceiling together with quite beautiful murals high to a higher house you. The murals pull diverse economical activities including rice planting together with transportation activities. As I said I never got hither whilst it was an operating station but I imagine this existence a hive of activity, total of people virtually to embark on their journeys together with others waiting to run into loved ones together with friends. The signage is all the same upward for places similar the station police clit component together with the component for the Ministry of Tourism together with Culture. Off to the sides of the primary halls are a few rooms, at nowadays empty but 1 time upon a fourth dimension no dubiety teeming alongside life. I don't know what happened inwards these rooms but I imagine maybe a waiting room, diverse eateries, a lost together with institute component together with therefore on, all the essential parts of whatsoever busy terminus station.

Just 1 of the empty rooms off the primary ticket hall

The platforms inwards to a greater extent than or less aspects seem (I guess) to demand keep been left every bit they were at the fourth dimension of the station's closure. Although I was also a lilliputian disappointed that none of the platform signage indicating you lot were arriving inwards Singapore (which I assume at that spot must demand keep been) had been left. In contrast though the platform shops seemed only to demand keep been unopen upward alongside their signage all the same clearly on display. I wonder where the people who owned, ran or worked inwards these shops ended upward or where those shops moved to. The platforms likewise demand keep a collection of small-scale rooms, to a greater extent than or less of which are open, to a greater extent than or less not. Again I jurist these were booths for station staff, eateries, toilets peradventure (a few all the same had sinks attached to the walls) together with 1 booth that must demand keep been an immigration betoken every bit at that spot were all the same signs upward requesting passports. Seeing all these abandoned rooms together with sections of the station I couldn't aid but intend to a greater extent than virtually all the people that must demand keep past times through it over the years together with wonder what their stories were. 

Platform shops

Once you lot are out on the platforms you lot tin forcefulness out walk the total length of both sides. The platforms are a substantial length, long plenty patently to suit long post service trains. Of course of teaching at nowadays the bulk of the rail has been removed together with grass has grown over the opened upward space. But closer towards the station buildings rail all the same remains together with provides keen photograph opportunities. It is strangely fun to stand upward inwards the middle of a railway track, something you lot would never unremarkably survive able to do, fifty-fifty if you lot create know that no trains volition survive coming into the station.

We walked downwardly the 1 platform almost to the halt together with and then dorsum upward on the other 1 towards the primary station. On this far side 1 you lot also larn to consider a lilliputian fight of to a greater extent than or less railway sidings together with rail that demand keep also been left. We left via the primary station edifice taking inwards over again for 1 in conclusion fourth dimension the beautiful high ceiling together with amazing murals.

Looking towards the primary station buildings

Looking downwardly the track

Get your passports ready

F grand due south R stands for Federated Malay US Railways

I wonder where that door leads to?

It was a fantastic means to pass our vacation forenoon together with I genuinely recommend that you lot demand keep the adventure to view the railway on 1 of Singapore's many Public Holidays when it is open. It's a keen chance to consider a lilliputian fight of Singapore's past times that is usually off limits to the full general public. For me it was amazing to survive able to consider these at nowadays abandoned places that were 1 time such a hub of life. I couldn't aid but imagine all the stories these buildings could say if entirely they could talk. 

Only this past times week, every bit I've been finishing this post, I've genuinely been reading that parts of the station platforms will, inwards the future, survive making means for the structure of the side past times side sections of the Circle Line. Whilst they are looking at ways of preserving the platforms, every bit the buildings together with parts of the platform were previously gazetted every bit national monuments, who knows whether this may, inwards time, bound chances to view this site. I'm therefore glad I've had the adventure to consider the station at nowadays fifty-fifty if I never got to sense it whilst it was inwards use.


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