Singaporetourismmap: Pedestrian Nighttime On Orchard Route

Everyone loves going on a shopping spree right away together with again, don't they? Well concluding Sabbatum even out saw us caput downwards to Orchard Road for something exactly a footling fighting different, the start of their latest serial of pedestrian nights. The perfect chance to store until you lot drib together with relish an array of amusement on a department of Orchard Road specially closed off for the even out to traffic.

Pedestrian nights on Orchard Road volition locomote taking house monthly until the halt of the twelvemonth on the showtime Sabbatum of every calendar month alongside a unlike subject each time. The department of route betwixt Scotts Road together with Bideford Road volition locomote closed betwixt 6pm together with 11pm for you lot to maximise your shopping fun, relish all the amusement and, of course, past times beingness closed to traffic making it all exactly that footling fighting easier to teach to all the malls together with produce all the shopping!

Last Saturday's subject was all virtually the 'Flash Sales' alongside a whole host of amazing, 1 nighttime solely deals from diverse shops together with malls to locomote had. Several malls also extended their opening hours for the evening. Along the closed department of Orchard Road shoppers were able to relish alive music, buskers together with a whole charge of other amusement every bit well. Future pedestrian nights volition doubtless also offering upwards exactly every bit many amazing shopping deals, competitions together with closed to dandy amusement too.

The adjacent pedestrian nighttime takes house on the 1 August 2015 together with volition locomote an SG50 themed 'Red together with White' party. Orchard Road volition locomote getting into the political party spirit past times celebrating Singapore's pioneers, stories together with national milestones from 1965 upwards to the electrical flow solar daytime through the Pioneer Portraits initiative. This volition locomote launched at August's Pedestrian Night together with volition characteristic diverse pieces of bespoke fine art past times local talents from a make of creative disciplines together with backgrounds. 

Taking the jeopardy to walk on Orchard Road

The September final result on the v September 2015 volition celebrate everything fast together with furious alongside a 'Rev-up on Orchard', at that topographic point volition locomote a 'Family Fiesta' alongside a make of activities for the whole solid unit of measurement on the three Oct 2015, 'Fashion alongside Friends together with Family' on the seven Nov 2015 together with they'll locomote wrapping upwards the twelvemonth alongside 'Christmas on Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Great Street' on the v Dec 2015.

By the way, if you lot were at that topographic point concluding Saturday, did you lot know at that topographic point is an Instagram competitor you lot tin accept business office inwards alongside the possibility of winning an Instax SHARE printer packet worth $250? Just merely upload your photograph alongside the theme, 'You together with Your Best Buy @ Pedestrian Night', hashtag, #PedestrianNight to locomote inwards alongside a chance.   

For the latest data virtually the adjacent together with hereafter Pedestrian Nights banking corporation represent out the Orchard Road website, their Facebook page or Instagram at 


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