Singaporetourismmap: Crimson Point Roaming - Beauty Globe Mrt - Hindhede Nature Green Too Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Those of yous with a corking oculus may conduct maintain noticed that my serial of Red Dot Roaming adventures are beingness done alphabetically. However with the opening final Dec of the minute department of the novel Downtown Line in that location are approximately novel stations on the MRT network in addition to hence potentially other places to visit. H5N1 footling fleck of investigation later on in addition to I shortly discovered this was truthful of 1 of the novel stations, Beauty World, which gave me the chance to easily explore the Hindhede Nature Park in addition to too see Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in 1 lawsuit again. So I'm backtracking to 'b' for my adjacent Red Dot Roam.

Hindhede Nature Park is genuinely correct adjacent to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, somewhere nosotros outset visited a long fourth dimension ago, and I had no thought was the illustration until nosotros returned to the area. The nature green is a lot smaller than I expected in addition to a really straightforward walk, overnice for families etc., but it all the same made a pleasant Dominicus stroll. The principal attraction of the green is undoubtedly the one-time Hindhede granite quarry. The site was an active quarry inwards the mid-1900s but now, simply equally inwards approximately other of my Red Dot Roams to Bukit Batok town park, the granite quarry has been turned into a nature park. After quarrying ceased at Hindhede quarry the crater left behind gradually filled with Earth in addition to pelting H2O creating the lovely lake yous tin run across inwards my photos below. 

Entering the Hindhede nature green from Hindhede Drive yous tin easily follow approximately good lay out trails in addition to inwards no fourth dimension at all gain the viewing platform overlooking the quarry. By the agency yous can't larn to sentiment the quarry lake from whatever other point, simply this 1 viewing point. As I mentioned inwards a higher house it does non conduct maintain really long to larn in that location or follow the trails inwards its vicinity so nosotros so ventured off dorsum to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. 

The well-informed with yous may know that Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is currently shut for renovations but if yous see the surface area on weekends yous tin forthwith come inwards it via the Hindhede Nature Park (NB. this is currently the exclusively betoken of access to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve) in addition to at to the lowest degree run across approximately of the reserve in addition to too follow the summit trail. Word of warning, after the remain of the Hindhede Nature Park this walk in addition to climb is quite a challenge. I did vaguely recollect how steep the climb was but fifty-fifty so it was all the same quite something else doing it again, become prepared! I too personally experience the summit is simply a footling disappointing as, despite beingness the highest betoken inwards Singapore, the sentiment from in that location genuinely is really limited. However it was all the same skilful to revisit the reserve in addition to it extended our see to this business office of the island.

Hindhede quarry

Hindhede quarry

At the top of the summit trail inwards Bukit Timah Nature Reserve - this sign is a fleck of an understatement!

After our climb to the summit nosotros had a brief residue in addition to so began the, much easier, descent with the intention of finding approximately luncheon to cease our see inwards 1 of the nearby places nosotros had spotted on our walk from the MRT station. On the agency dorsum downward Hindhede Drive yous transcend underneath business office of the Rail Corridor where I spotted a runner on a Dominicus jog, somewhere else I postulate to pay a see to at approximately betoken soon.

Beauty World MRT is on the Downtown Line (DT5).

If yous missed whatever of my previous Red Dot Roaming posts, banking concern jibe them out here!


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