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An one-time friend of mine from college only reminded me of a funny even out SingaporeTourismMap: Lady Pink Slipper
An one-time friend of mine from college only reminded me of a funny story. When I was a sophomore at Vassar College inward upstate New York I did an internship at the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Clinic for the Criminally Insane. To range credits inward Philosophy for the internship, I proposed to write a newspaper analyzing the human relationship betwixt the patients together with the psychologist using Hegel's Lord together with Bondsman Theory. It was a fairly unsafe programme if you lot catch 2 college students existence inward a locked ward alongside close 12 mentally insane people who had all committed around crime. In fact, I intend nosotros were the terminal students allowed to produce the program. Mostly I would hear to their stories or play ping pong alongside them (picking upwardly that fallen ball fairly rapidly when I was playing alongside the guy who killed mortal alongside a pencil...yes, it is possible. To kill mortal alongside a pencil.) The patients were sweetness together with I did teach to a greater extent than than i union proposal...(good for the ego although I had to remind myself it was from a guy who had killed both parents because a bunny had told him to produce it).
I retrieve that the rattling commencement fourth dimension I walked into the room, all the men started running, together with I hateful running towards me. Then the psychiatrist explained it was because of the opened upwardly door behind me but I remained convinced it was my curly together with unruly pilus that had driven them 'wild' together with wore it inward a tight bun afterwards. Back at Vassar, I would tell my friends close my day. How I heard all close orchids from a patient who was referred to equally 'the biter' because he had literally bitten chins off people. In fact, I had the uneasy sensation that he was staring at my mentum the entire fourth dimension I was there. Anyway, the terminal fourth dimension nosotros had to teach to the Clinic, my beau intern together with I commencement drove to a convenience shop to purchase chips, drinks, together with a cake together with thence that nosotros could throw a pocket-sized goodbye political party for all the patients. They were together with thence happy. That was a twenty-four hours I'll never forget.
(Pictured above: the rare Pink Lady Slipper orchid)


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