Singaporetourismmap: Due East Coast Commons To Gardens Past Times The Bay

Yet to a greater extent than walking for us, nosotros actually create practise quite a lot don't we? This fourth dimension though nosotros walked from East Coast Park to Gardens past times the Bay on the fairly late opened path/bridge which seamlessly directly connects the 2 without yous having to corporation anywhere close a principal road.

We alive close East Coast Park hence this is an tardily house for us to larn to as well as bask when nosotros don't conduct hold whatsoever other plans. Earlier this twelvemonth an overhead dyad was opened that connects East Coast Park close Fort Road to the opened upward infinite on the other side of the route as well as allows yous to walk (or cycle) correct to Gardens past times the Bay East. From hither yous can, if yous wish, as well as hence maintain across the Marina Barrage as well as some to the principal purpose of Gardens past times the Bay. 

For us the walk began unopen to Tanjong Katong Road at the underpass (near the Big Splash) allowing yous to walk nether the ECP. Once yous achieve the other side yous are inwards East Coast Park as well as create to begin. As yous tin forcefulness out run into inwards the photograph below the path is, every bit ever inwards Singapore, beautifully seat out as well as clearly marked for walkers as well as cyclists. There is no demand to worry nearly getting lost the path volition accept yous all the agency there. For most of the route you'll walk (or cycle) amongst the ECP on your correct manus side.

Off nosotros go!

As yous larn closer to Gardens past times the Bay you'll overstep the Marina Bay Golf Course on your left. Not existence interested inwards golf game as well as past times default non a golfer I was amused to run into people standing inwards what looks similar a edifice amongst no walls, on several unlike levels, all practicing their shots. From at that topographic point yous before long discovery yourself inwards Gardens past times the Bay East as well as tin forcefulness out select grip of a showtime glimpse of MBS through the trees.

There's MBS

From here, if yous desire to, yous tin forcefulness out walk on through this purpose of gardens, over the Marina Barrage as well as into the principal purpose of Gardens past times the Bay. We did merely that when nosotros visited but this lastly purpose of the walk is something that we'd done previously so were already familiar with. This is a nifty walk (and 1 we've done 1 time again since), it's nifty to live able to walk all the agency to Gardens past times the Bay from our abode as well as sure enough proves how pocket-sized Singapore is as well as how tardily it is to walk what seems quite a distance away. This is even hence some other simple, good seat out as well as tardily walk as well as whilst at that topographic point may non live lots of novel things to spot along the agency it is absolutely worth doing at to the lowest degree once, whether yous are on pes or on a bike.

Just a footling purpose of the Singapore skyline

An iconic Singapore building


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